This is Social Commerce,by Guy Clapperton

Jonathan Reed, managing director at Sunny Thinking, has a look through This is Social Commerce by Guy Clapperton to find out if the latest offering on social media sheds any new light.

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Anyone who writes a book on social media these days is brave. Surely there’s an argument that even before the book goes to print its content is already out of date?

That said, Clapperton has created a very user-friendly guide to getting the most out of your social media activity, with easy step-by-step visuals and instructions on what you should be doing.

One thing that really got my attention was his exploration of how to measure return on investment, both financially and in terms of the time spent developing and building social media campaigns. This is one area that remains grey, even when you ask the so-called experts. There are so many new sites appearing that businesses jump on the back of without really knowing what they are or what added value they offer to their business, service or client. With many people, there’s still very much a sense of ‘I need to be part of it all’, which goes against what Clapperton preaches, and more of us should listen.

As the owner of a busy marketing consultancy and the father of two small children, I don’t have that much spare time, and the little I do have is rarely spent reading. However, the engaging tone of the book and its appealing layout actually made me want to keep turning the pages.

After I’d finished it, I felt rather smug: not only did I now know a great deal more about social media – which I can pass on to my clients and use in my own business – I had actually finished a book for the first time in about 20 years. That must mean that Clapperton has got something right.

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