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SMEs worried about election outcome as GDP growth slows

Business News

SMEs also believe large corporations benefitted the most from coalition policies

Everline and Ezbob raise £30m through Oaktree Capital Management

Fundraising Deals

UK's largest alternative lenders in major funding boost following recent merger

Collinson Group acquires Specialty Assist for undisclosed sum

Mergers & Acquisitions

Big deal in the corporate assistance space as two leading players join forces

Towers Watson acquires Saville Consulting for £42m

Mergers & Acquisitions

Leading professional services company strengthens leadership and talent management offering

The EC vs Google: A lesson for all businesses great and small

Comment & Analysis Monopoly money: Google has been attacked by the European Commission

The recent heavyweight legal fight between the European Commission and Google has thrown up a lot of questions around competition law...

Are entrepreneurs actually cool?

Comment & Analysis

For years now we've heard claims that entrepreneurs could be the new rock stars yet in truth its never really happened: so exactly how cool can entrepreneurs become?

Growing a Business

IT matters: Smart investment can bring real business growth

Four steps in IT investment that can drive business growth

Technology for Business

Investing in IT is nothing new but how smart are you with your money? These four simple steps could be the difference between return on investment and perpetual frustration

International business: Understanding global markets is crucial

Why an independent director is crucial to embracing internationalism

Leadership & Mentors

International expansion is one of the most complex procedures a growing business can go through: could hiring a good independent director be the key to success?

Comment and Analysis

Invest in the North and the jobs will come

The economy of the UK as a whole is in a fragile state, with a North-South divide still present: but investment in the North can bring both equality and jobs

Ensuring the future of the UK’s sharing economy

The Sharing Economy is the UK's biggest financial success story for decades: so how can we ensure it stays true to its roots while ensuring a safe an robust future?

How to grow your company culture from day one

Company culture is formed from the very start of a business's lifecycle: so how can you ensure you get it right from day one?

Using adversity to drive innovation in business

Most established businesses have seen their share of adversity in recent times – but there is an opportunity to turn the difficulties to their advantage

The Entrepreneur

Powering your sales with Creddy

This article, written in conjunction with Creddy, looks at the way the business can power sales

Five lessons in entrepreneurship from The Simpsons

In The Simpsons plenty of characters start their own business: so what can others looking to do the same learn from their experiences?

Consult with people ‘one step ahead of you’ for start-up success, says Trustpilot founder

Surrounding himself with those one step ahead on their journey the most useful thing to do at the start, says Peter Mühlmann

What kind of entrepreneur are you?

This handy infographic from Neomam studios tells you what kind of entrepreneur you are or what you could be


Report exposes lack of ROI insight from customer service

'28% of organisations do not measure the cost of customer service'

The gap in businesses’ measurement of customer experience means they don’t know what customers really want, research finds

What moves small-cap share prices?

Research report into the top-performing 100 companies below the FTSE 350 and on AIM.

Cash Shells Directory 2014

The annual Cash Shells Directory is an invaluable guide for companies and advisers considering joining the stock market by reversing into a shell, providing a list of potential candidates and a commentary on each of them.

M&A on AIM 2014

Mergers and acquisition activity by AIM companies hit a four-year high in 2013, bucking the general UK trend. So far, 2014 has shown a similar buoyancy.