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The top three critical risks facing businesses revealed

Business News

A new study reveals the top three risks that impact businesses the most

Military entrepreneurship success stories on the rise

Business News

The 700 military entrepreneurs supported by X-Forces are a third more successful than their civilian counterparts, revealing surprising parallels between military prowess and entrepreneurialism

Barclays extends high growth tech fund for UK scale-ups to £200m

Business News

Barclays is currently the only mainstream UK bank to offer high growth businesses and their founders debt funding solutions at this early stage

Slowdown in M&A activity raises concerns for legal sector, but fintech may be silver bullet

Mergers & Acquisitions

Global M&A activity was 18 per cent lower in the first quarter of 2016 than in the same period last year, but despite concerns over profitability, a survey of finance directors by Thomson Reuters Legal reveals optimism over the future of fintech

Boss takes staff on holiday as work perk

Business News

An HR advisory firm practiced what it preaches by tweaking its bonus model to include an all-staff getaway reward

2016 global start-up capitals REVEALED

Business News

From San Francisco to Singapore, here are the top cities for start-ups for 2016

Growing a Business

Tattoos and the nine-to-five: is it still a corporate no-no?

Human Resources

Research reveals that tattoos are still seen as undesirable at many workplaces. Is this really still the case? 

Three major myths about flat organisational structures

Human Resources

Here's why adopting a flat structure may benefit your company more than you think

Comment and Analysis

CSR vs purpose: an evolution or different concept altogether? 

Academic expert, Victoria Hurth, examines the difference between purpose and CSR, and the value of both in business

Brexit may mean Brexit, but will it deliver on immigration promises?

Legal experts from Faegre Baker Daniels explain what has been done so far to address the UK's concerns over post-Brexit immigration laws 

Five warning signs you should never ignore

John Buchanan of the chartered accountants HW Fisher & Company outlines the telltale signs your business might be in trouble

The biggest business lesson from Team GB at the Olympics

Here's the main take-away lesson from the Olympics for entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneur

3D printed jewellery takes off: Banneya

When Nimesh Thakrar and Misa Zahar set up their 3D printed jewellery business, Banneya, they knew they hit gold. Here's how they got started

Making therapy accessible: PlusGuidance

Therapy is a multibillion dollar industry that is largely closed to those who need it. Nathaniel Smithies set up online therapy platform, PlusGuidance to make it easier and quicker to access professional counsel, without long wait times or the fear of being 'found out'

Five things entrepreneurs never expect to need (and how to do them)

Entrepreneurs may have to factor in these five things, says Richard Walker, director of Walkerstone

Reviving retail with the app economy: Ubamarket

Long queues and disorganised stores put off thousands of potential consumers, who are steadily ditching supermarkets for online equivalents. We catch up with Will Broome, CEO and founder of Ubamarket, a retail app that lets users get the best of the real-world shopping experience, while bypassing checkout lines 


Eight marketing automation platforms you should know about (and why)

A guide to choosing the right marketing system for your business

Directors' Pay on AIM 2016

The annual Directors’ Pay on AIM report is the most comprehensive review of directors’ remuneration on AIM available. It’s ideal for benchmarking your team’s salary, that of your organisation and even your own salary.

Cash Shells Directory 2015

The annual Cash Shells Directory is an invaluable guide for companies and advisers considering joining the stock market by reversing into a shell, providing a list of potential candidates and a commentary on each of them

Directors' Pay on AIM 2015

The most complete review of directors' remuneration on AIM, including basic salary, bonus and benefits.