Venturer: Lyndsey Simpson

Company: The Curve Group
Sector: recruitment and HR specialists
Turnover: £18.6m

Venturer: Rob Hamilton

Company: Ride25
Sector: events and experiencex

Venturer: Nick Lander

Company: Volvere
Sector: investment, growth company turnaround specialist

Venturer: Adam Sopher

Company: Joe & Sephs
Sector: food and drink, gourmet popcorn
Turnover: £7.4m

Venturer: Richard Ley

Company: Research in Finance
Sector: consultancy, research and publishing

Venturer: David Lester

Company: citrusHR
Sector: HR software and support for small business

Venturer: Damon Bonser

Company: British Design Fund
Sector: British Design Fund invests in early stage product businesses

Venturer: Emma Sinclair

Company: Enterprise Alumni
Sector: corporate alumni HR software for enterprise companies

Venturer: Jamie Waller

Company: Just
Sector: digital marketplace for debt enforcement

Venturer: Rider Latham

Company: Secret Spa
Sector: online marketplace for beauty therapists

Venturer: James Bott

Company: The ASO Co
Sector: app store optimisation

Venturer: Matthew Hayes

Company: Champions
Sector: brand agency, marketing, public relations

Venturer: Owen Geddes

Company: Screen Moguls
Sector: digital marketing analytics

Venturer: Keely Deininger

Company: Angel’s Face
Sector: children’s fashion

Venturer: Duane Jackson

Company: Staffology
Sector: cloud-based payroll app

Venturer: Chika Russell

Company: Chika’s Foods
Sector: premium snack foods

Venturer: Lex Deak

Company: Kinderlist
Sector: online marketplace for children’s gifts

Venturer: Joseph Valente

Company: ImpraGas
Sector: boiler installation
Turnover: £6m

Venturer: Rebecca Fitzgerald

Company: Strawberry Social
Sector: social media reputation management

Venturer: Casper Craven

Company: Casper Craven
Sector: keynote leadership and teamwork speaker

Venturer: Tania Boler

Company: Elvie
Sector: femtech

Venturer: Dr Yvonne Thompson CBE

Company: WinTrade Events
Sector: business growth mentor and event organiser

Venturer: Chieu Cao

Company: Mintago
Sector: employee financial wellbeing app

Venturer: Jamie Harradine

Company: Work Stories
Sector: office and workspace furniture
Turnover: £14m

Venturer: Susanna Simpson

Company: Definition
Sector: PR, digital media and marketing agency