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The working environment is changing. After the recession a lot of companies have changed their business models, become more financially scrupulous and sought out other, more cost-effective ways to run things. Serviced offices are one of the successes to come out of this.

They offer a more cost-effective method for businesses to use professional office space along with all the necessary amenities. Rather than purchasing an office or being tied into paying anywhere from one to ten years of a lease, most offer monthly rents with no need to buy all the overheads too. As the UK capital there is nowhere better to find one than in London.  

Professional receptionists

Personalised services are one of the top benefits provided by the best serviced offices. For that professional edge, choose one that offers quality receptionists who will undertake tasks such as answering calls, organising the post and greeting clients on arrival. They will give off a great first impression for potential clients and employees, without the need to hire some more staff yourself.

High speed internet

Every business needs access to the fastest, most efficient internet connectivity these days. There are very few companies that do not use the internet as part of their daily tasks, and when you have numerous employees it can start to run painfully slowly. Seek out a serviced office that can guarantee the fastest internet speeds, with in house IT technicians to prevent it from breaking down. This will increase your business’ productivity and reduce downtime.  

Available meeting rooms

If your company regularly meets with clients then you will need some professional meeting rooms to play host with. Look for a serviced office that has dedicated meeting rooms away from the general office space, and a system in process that ensures you can easily book one when it is needed. Many will have other extras, like being able to use projectors, IT equipment in the room and even arranging to have food laid on when necessary.  

Desirable location

The rental and purchase prices for offices in London have gone through the roof in certain places, but using a serviced office from Be Offices offers a more cost-effective method for using one in and around The City. As well as having shorter rents and including all the facilities you need, find a serviced office with a desirable address to impress clients and great location that makes it easy to access for employees. These are four important things to look for in a London serviced office.    

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