3D printed jewellery takes off: Banneya

When Nimesh Thakrar and Misa Zahar set up their 3D printed jewellery business, Banneya, they knew they hit gold. Here's how they got started

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How to win the work-life balance battle

Even Bill Gates needs help balancing work and life. Here are top tips from Gates' own productivity trainer, Vickie Sokol Evans

Five reasons why partnerships fail

Jaded entrepreneurs often tout that business partnerships are more difficult to manage than marriage. While around half of all marriages end in divorce, a staggering eight in ten business partners reach a bitter end. Here's how you can keep the friendly flame burning

The seven most successful rejects that made it big

This infographic reveals that you can't always write off corporate rejects. Here's why rejection doesn't mean failure

Airports await expansion takeoff

The much anticipated decision on airport expansion at Heathrow or Gatwick has now been put on hold in the wake of the EU referendum result and will now be left to the next UK Prime Minister to announce plans sometime in October. 

How an increase of people taking part in bingo has affected the economy

The British gambling industry continues to contribute over £2.3 billion a year towards the United Kingdom's GDP.

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Making therapy accessible: PlusGuidance

Therapy is a multibillion dollar industry that is largely closed to those who need it. Nathaniel Smithies set up online therapy platform, PlusGuidance to make it easier and quicker to access professional counsel, without long wait times or the fear of being 'found out'

Five things entrepreneurs never expect to need (and how to do them)

Entrepreneurs may have to factor in these five things, says Richard Walker, director of Walkerstone

Reviving retail with the app economy: Ubamarket

Long queues and disorganised stores put off thousands of potential consumers, who are steadily ditching supermarkets for online equivalents. We catch up with Will Broome, CEO and founder of Ubamarket, a retail app that lets users get the best of the real-world shopping experience, while bypassing checkout lines 

Four simple business lessons from the school of life

Here are some of the best kept secrets from businesses across Britain, and their top four tips to succeeding in the real world

A singular vision and a network of freelancers: Avocado Social

Avocado Social's Alison Battisby was pushing social media before it became the norm. Here's how she made social training mainstream

Food waste: there's an app for that

Tessa Cook and Saasha Celestial-One founded London's first food sharing app just over a year ago. Now OLIO is a household name in the capital, having saved over 125,000 items of food from the bin in the past year alone

How a laptop, a phone, and a small amount of money 11 years ago changed the world: RationalFX

With £20,000 and a computer, Rajesh Agrawal and Paresh Davdra started the first online foreign exchange service, RationalFX back in 2005. Paresh Davdra speaks to GrowthBusiness about how the business started out in uncharted territory, and what the future holds as competition heats up

"Brands are not what marketers say they are anymore. They’re what consumers say they are": Olapic

American start-up Olapic was founded on the premise that stock images and elaborate shoots just don't have a place in modern marketing. Co-founder and head of EMEA, Jose de Cabo speaks to GrowthBusiness on the power of user-generated content, and the company's growth story

Why exporting is "bloody good fun"

Brompton Bikes are icons of British ingenuity in engineering and manufacturing, popular both at home and abroad. CEO Will Butler-Adams outlines the growth of Brompton Bikes and why exporting is the ultimate business game-changer

How learning Kung Fu helped me kickstart my business

Mark Shankland explains how martial arts helped him take on business decisions with greater focus and discipline

By entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs: newcomer OakNorth Bank takes on business pain points

The five largest banks in the UK control 90 per cent of the market. This may not be the case for long, with latest entrant OakNorth Bank on the warpath, growing exponentially every quarter. Founder Rishi Khosla speaks to GrowthBusiness on how it all began and what lies ahead for UK's entrepreneurs seeking finance

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