100 quotes from the most successful business minds

Entrepreneurs face numerous decisions on everyday basis – many without the proper amount of information or enough time to address them thoroughly.

In those cases, they need to be able to count with their instincts to make the best choices.

Then how to develop the right mind-set and personality traits to optimise the risk-taking and decision-making process? Thinking about that, Funding Circle, a UK and US based platform for investors and small business owners, came up with the dynamic infographic “100 Brilliant Minds and What They Said”.

The creative piece, that presents unique caricatures by illustrator Jordi Machi, contains a wealth of quotes from the most successful business leaders across the globe, and share insights about their attitude, life philosophy and business approach. A sure-fire recipe for inspiration.

From legendary historical businessmen such as Henry Ford, Walter Disney and John D. Rockefeller to the less obvious modern entrepreneurs Jamie Oliver, Dr Dre and Victoria Beckham, there are plenty of different profiles and industries represented.

Check out the infographic below: