Don't be a jerk: Eight behaviours to avoid as a CEO

There's confident, and there's cocky. Here's how treading the fine line could be good for business

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Five reasons why partnerships fail

Jaded entrepreneurs often tout that business partnerships are more difficult to manage than marriage. While around half of all marriages end in divorce, a staggering eight in ten business partners reach a bitter end. Here's how you can keep the friendly flame burning

The seven most successful rejects that made it big

This infographic reveals that you can't always write off corporate rejects. Here's why rejection doesn't mean failure

Why the world's biggest halal baby food brand is British: for aisha

Baby food brand for aisha broke into the market just a year ago. for aisha is now available in over 2000 multiple retail stores in the UK, including Tesco, ASDA, Morrisons and Boots. Here's how founder Mark Salter grew his halal baby food business into a global phenomenon

Airports await expansion takeoff

The much anticipated decision on airport expansion at Heathrow or Gatwick has now been put on hold in the wake of the EU referendum result and will now be left to the next UK Prime Minister to announce plans sometime in October. 

How an increase of people taking part in bingo has affected the economy

The British gambling industry continues to contribute over £2.3 billion a year towards the United Kingdom's GDP.

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The life and times of David Brent

Ever wonder what David Brent's CV would look like? The world's biggest, baddest boss is back. Cue the cringe!  

The worst CEOs in corporate history

It's lonely at the top, but not so much for these infamous business leaders in the 'worst CEOs' club, some of whom have driven multibillion dollar businesses to the ground. But is this monicker really justified? 

Sex tech and the City: The top start-ups in London's most underrated sector

Sex tech start-ups are quietly taking the world by storm. From Vienna to Singapore, these underrated businesses are turning profit, satisfying users and battling social causes, one download at a time. We feature the best in London, and look at why more people haven't jumped on the sex tech bandwagon

Nine business idols and their lesser known failures

You may recognise these entrepreneurs from their successes, including GoPro, Dyson, and Kentucky Fried Chicken

If investors chose well, they could make a fortune. If they chose poorly, they could end up in debtors' prison.

If investors chose well, they could make a fortune. If they chose poorly, they could end up in debtors' prison.

Four Victorian business lessons that still hold merit today

The Victorian era was one of the most industrious for finance, commerce and even workers' rights. Global household brands from Cadbury's to Boots took off then, as did technology investors. Here's what we can learn from a backward glance

Luck, be a lady: How 10 business icons made the most of a lucky break

Even the most successful business leaders and creative pioneers got to where they are with a little help from Lady Luck

Five leadership lessons from Donald Trump

Love him or loathe him, Donald Trump has very famously made his millions on his own. Here's what we can learn from the most controversial US presidential candidate in history on business leadership

​A giant leap for aviation: Stratajet

While most entrepreneurs rush to start up the minute their idea comes to mind, Jonny Nicol took five years to work out every detail of his business, without any guarantee of a pay-off. Here's how Stratajet, the aviation industry's best hope, took off

13 to watch: London's top tech innovators revealed

To coincide with London Tech Invest, GrowthBusiness profiles 13 of the most exciting early-stage technology companies that are on the fast track

Tech Innovators 2016: MeasureMyEnergy

Led by serial entrepreneur Ben Murphy, MeasureMyEnergy is the ultimate energy management tool for businesses of all sizes, empowering them with real-time consumption data to make a real change

Tech Innovators 2016: Monuva

From saving Hilton Grand Vacations over €40,000 by reducing invoice deliquency at one of its Italian resorts, to being handpicked for the UKTI’s Global Entrepreneur Programme, Monuva has taken off even before its launch. Co-founder and director, James Shattock, explains how the start-up aims to pick up the pace once it secures seed funding

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New kitemark set to regulate the sharing economy

A UK trade body has just announced plans to regulate the rapidly burgeoning sharing economy with the introduction of an industry kitemark

Growing A Business

Guglielmo Marconi demonstrating his first long distance radio transmissions in the 1890s.

Six tips to think like an innovator

Leadership speaker and author, Paul Sloane outlines six ways to recaim the lost art of thinking innovatively

Comment & Analysis

FIFA president, Sepp Blatter was ambushed by a British comedian at a press conference for his notorious bribery scandal.

What's in a bribe? Five signs you may be breaking the law

Most people are unaware that the 'gift' they are receiving can be seen as a bribe by a court of law. Here's how to keep your business on the right side of the legal system


Directors' Pay on AIM 2016

The annual Directors’ Pay on AIM report is the most comprehensive review of directors’ remuneration on AIM available. It’s ideal for benchmarking your team’s salary, that of your organisation and even your own salary.