All Best Business Decisions

Object of desire: Lomme

With this ‘unique sleep experience’, the only thing keeping you awake will be your credit card bill. Lomme, which stands for ‘light over matter mind evolution’, is priced at £33,000

Retail woe for SMEs 

SMEs have had a distinctly unmerry Christmas in terms of sales, according to a poll conducted by

Businesses thrown funding lifeline

HSBC has become the latest bank to announce the launch of a dedicated fund for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Rising star: Mitesh Soma

Last year, Mitesh Soma set up discount pharmaceutical company Since then it has become an award-winning business with a turnover of £5 million

What I’m reading now

Built To Last, by James Collins & Jerry Porras
Gerald Kitchen, CEO of SecureTrading

Economic Insight

David Worrow, audit partner for advisory firm Baker Tilly, looks at the impact of the Bank of England’s 1.5 per cent interest rate cut

Object of desire: The Bentley laptop

If you’re the sort of individual who likes to let everyone know you’re doing well, then what could be better than strutting about with a laptop made from a luxury car?

My best business decision

In the past, we always focused on the gaps and things going wrong in our clients’ businesses

East Asian companies beating index

AIM-listed ventures with operations in Asia have not only outperformed their counterparts on the junior market, but have also beaten the FTSE SmallCap index over a three-year period

Banks won’t lend, say growing businesses

More than two-thirds of SMEs believe that banks are failing them, according to a poll conducted by

Rising star: Marc Koska

Marc Koska spent 24 years working on his single-use syringe, which is designed to reduce the spread of disease in poor countries. His company Star Syringe is now profitable with revenues of £1.5 million

My best business decision

Just over a year ago, we opened our office in New York. We’d always got a lot of work out of the US and we believed we could get a lot more.

Object of desire:The S2u Upright Bike 

Think “online racing” and the image that springs to mind is of inactive teenagers who can’t remember the last time they set foot outside

Women still paid unfairly, according to poll

Women are still finishing second when it comes to salaries, according to a poll of 250 entrepreneurs conducted by, a sister title of Business XL

it’s all about survival

Jon Moulton, the founder of private equity group Alchemy Partners, says it’s time for entrepreneurs to ‘stop worrying about prosperity and to start thinking about survival’

What I’m reading now

Strategy and the Fat Smoker: Doing What’s Obvious but not Easy, by David Maister - George Foot, sales and marketing director, Kensington Europe

Rising Star: Heather Gorringe

Nearly 20 years after launching her business, Wiggly Wigglers, Heather Gorringe has won £15,000 as the UK winner of the Dell Small Business Excellence Award

Economic insight

The collapse of Lehman Brothers has stunned financial markets across the world. Ismail Erturk, senior fellow in banking at Manchester Business School, explains what it all means for the troubled UK economy

My best business decision

We invested about £500,000 in employing and training people to market our childcare vouchers, and in purchasing the software to process them. That was before the government introduced legislation to make the vouchers non-taxable.

The next big thing: Simulating business strategies

Business is often compared to warfare. Indeed, Sun Tsu’s 6th-century military strategy treatise The Art of War has long been required reading for ambitious executives.

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