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Fintech: Can you make your fortune in the young sector?

Why fintech is the way to go if you're considering a start-up

Fintech is blowing up and London is the sector's biggest hub: so how can you get involved and make hay while the sun shines?

Powering your sales with Creddy

This article, written in conjunction with Creddy, looks at the way the business can power sales

Jim Hart decided to solve a business problem by starting a new firm

Recruiting native speakers to help with export growth

Europlus Direct and Jim Hart's investment in native speaking salespeople has led to export success and growth of revenues to £8 million. It's a move which Hart believes is his best ever, and has also led to the founding of a company supplying recruitment and translation services.

Crowdcube has now been in operation and growing its brand since 2010

Hiring a smart PR agency

Luke Lang, co-founder and chief marketing officer of equity crowdfunding platform Crowdcube, reveals why teaming up with a boutique PR agency is his best business decision to date.

Chris Barling: 'The philosophy of putting customers first is a winning strategy'

Sharing benefits from third party deals with customers

For Chris Barling, founder of e-commerce software supplier SellerDeck, making the call to be customer centric when it wasn't a fad term has worked in the long run.

Need for change: Renaud Clarke describes himself as a restless innovator

Embracing the future to lead the present

Renaud Clarke, managing director of digital marketing shop Atelier Studios, explains why the agency teamed up with data stalwart Simon Lawrence to produce a data-led digital creativity.

Lycamobile heads: L-R Subaskaran Allirajah (chairman) and Milind Kangle (CEO)

The importance of corporate social responsibility 

Subaskaran Allirajah, group chairman of Lycamobile, explains why corporate social responsibility has been pivotal in building a brand and customer trust.

Winds of change: Mark Blythe's passion for sailing led him to a new opportunity

Taking a successful product to a different sector

Mark Blythe, CEO of Lietcorp, describes how a chance encounter while re-fitting his boat led to an incredible business journey.

Father and daughter: Lucian and Michelle Gill used the pension pot for funding

Using a pension to fund the business after war upheaval 

When Michelle Gill decided to return to the UK to help run her father’s business, the last thing on her mind was their pensions. But, they proved to be a business saviour. 

Money matters: James Uffindell has put financials at the forefront of his new firm

Know your numbers: Bean counting makes your business stronger

While keeping a firm grasp of the company financials was never something he enjoyed, for James Uffindell, founder and CEO of Bounty Network, it is something he's learnt to take seriously.

Employee satisfaction: Kevin Taylor has experienced high staff churn rate

Providing 'duvet days' to increase staff retention

Treating staff like his own family has worked wonders for Kevin Taylor, CEO of online marketing services company Gravytrain.

Early moves: Eric Collins made improving employee attitudes a priority

Encouraging employee engagement to boost creativity

Eric Collins, managing director of Nampak Plastics, explains how his decision to concentrate on employee engagement has lead to greater innovation throughout the organisation, and why this has been instrumental in the company’s successes.

Changing fortunes: EDM Group now has LDC as a backer for acquisitions

Deciding to join a failing business

Having sold up and taken time away from the business world, Sam Ferguson, CEO of EDM Group, explains why taking charge of an under-performing company was a wise choice.

Local appeal: Salmon & Trout is Cockney rhyming slang for snout (cigarette)

Acting quickly to capitalise on a new market

Time was of the essence when Mario Di Giorgio, CEO of e-cigarette brand Salmon & Trout, launched his business. He explains how being proactive worked.

Quality not quantity: David Barker was careful not to get clients from one sector

Diversifying the client base at launch and learning to say ‘No’ 

David Barker reflects on resisting the temptation to say 'Yes' to the first offer when he opened his data centre, and how choosing instead to diversify his client base at launch has enabled 4D Data Centres to maintain rapid growth in a recession.

New ways: Customers were targeted on social media platforms and forums

Promoting the brand directly to the consumer

To allow his brand to stand out in a crowded market, John Bramm decided that shaking up the marketing strategy was the best way to make it stand out.

Changing tack: Jeff Hughes decided that business rather and consumer was best

Switching operations to purely business-to-business

Focusing on the right customer base is important for businesses – and for Omnifone CEO Jeff Hughes, it was a case of B2B is best.

Power of discount: Elliot Grove relied on Groupon when the credit crunch hit

Taking a chance with Groupon

Elliot Grove explains why his Raindance Film Festival and film school might not have survived without the website and Groupon.

Wazoku backer: B&Q CEO Martyn Philips is backing Simon Hill's new venture

Building a team with the right mix of experience and youth

For Simon Hill, founder of idea management business Wazoku, finding the right balance between experience and youth when building his team has given the business the perfect platform to flourish and grow.

Tech entrepreneur: Philip Letts previously founded

Listing on the Alternative Investment Market

Having listed on the Alternative Investment Market and raised £4 million, blur Group CEO and founder Philip Letts explains why the IPO was the best move he’s ever made.

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