Five reasons why partnerships fail

Jaded entrepreneurs often tout that business partnerships are more difficult to manage than marriage. While around half of all marriages end in divorce, a staggering eight in ten business partners reach a bitter end. Here's how you can keep the friendly flame burning

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The seven most successful rejects that made it big

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3D printed jewellery takes off: Banneya

When Nimesh Thakrar and Misa Zahar set up their 3D printed jewellery business, Banneya, they knew they hit gold. Here's how they got started

Airports await expansion takeoff

The much anticipated decision on airport expansion at Heathrow or Gatwick has now been put on hold in the wake of the EU referendum result and will now be left to the next UK Prime Minister to announce plans sometime in October. 

How an increase of people taking part in bingo has affected the economy

The British gambling industry continues to contribute over £2.3 billion a year towards the United Kingdom's GDP.

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The six ways of a productivity ninja

Take on your to-do list with these proven mental focus hacks

Are you addicted to work?

Perhaps you're a proponent of flexible working, enjoying an "anytime, anywhere" approach to managing your business. But do you  know when to disconnect from work? Here's how you can tell if you've crossed over to the dark side

Eight successful people and their bedtime habits

A good night's sleep may never make it on an entrepreneur's to-do list, but these eight successful people swear by it

The heart of the community: Charlotte's Group

From a very young age, Alex Wrethman was drawn to the hospitality sector, fascinated by the communities that thrive around the restaurants, cafes and bistros that unite them. Now Wrethman owns a chain of eateries, each with its own personality, style, and patron community

The secrets to job satisfaction? Time, change, and appreciation

Research into job satisfaction suggests we aren't creatures of habit. Here's what you can do to keep your team engaged

Going global? You need a worldwide web manager

These days, ‘going global’ can be as simple as having an international web presence. But when companies have different teams scattered all over the world, localised websites are often built in a way that drains resources and lacks consistency

Successfully maintain barriers to entry to slow the competition down, if not keeping them out entirely.

Successfully maintain barriers to entry to slow the competition down, if not keeping them out entirely.

Growth is one thing, but how do you get profitable?

High growth businesses become profitable by making life difficult for competitors. Here's why (and how)

Four reasons why your property business needs social media

Social media is the best cost-effective way to market your business and reach new audiences. But do you know which networks to use to grow your property business?

A rested entrepreneur is a productive entrepreneur.

A rested entrepreneur is a productive entrepreneur.

Boost productivity with the 'Perfect Day' formula 

Take control of your day with the 10-3-2-1-0 formula by fitness coach, Craig Ballantyne 

Three brand lessons from Donald Trump

Know your brand, know your audience and work your magic on social media the Trump way

Britain is seeing a boom in entrepreneurs

Britain is seeing a boom in entrepreneurs

Brits turning to entrepreneurship to escape bad working past

Becoming your own boss is everyone’s dream. Why would you want to work for a company that doesn’t understand your potential or hard work?  

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