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Future finance: Escape the City's founders chose crowdfunding over the VC route

Free guide on using equity crowdfunding to finance business growth

The GrowthBusiness guide on equity crowdfunding provides case studies from businesses including Escape the City which have already raised up to £600,000 through the funding process.

Network, network: The business card forms an important part of making contacts

How to create the best business card

For any start-up business, entrepreneur or recent graduate, career networking is a vital part of achieving success. Matthew Langham, writing on behalf of Vistaprint, explains how business cards can help.

All change: RTI will represent one of the biggest alterations to the UK tax system

How to get ready for real-time information (RTI) tax reporting

RTI comes into effect on 6 April and it will affect all UK employers and their employees. Helen Harvey, payroll director at Payrole, provides her top tips for getting ready in time and remaining a conscientious employer.

Business decisions: Hosting off site can help reduce the risk of data loss

Cloud computing: How changing infrastructure can improve business operations 

The use of cloud computing has become a big feature of growing a business in recent months, but many are still unsure of the concept, and the benefit that cloud services can offer.

SMEs are turning to the cloud for their data storage needs

More and more businesses, as well as personal users, are turning to the cloud for their data storage needs.

Testing times: Christmas can be an unpredictable trading period for businesses

Keeping control of your cash flow

Ian Lomas, head of sales at Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance, looks at how businesses should tackle the important issue of cash flow over Christmas.

The AIA shrinks to £25,000 in 2012

The annual investment allowance explained

Now is the time to invest in new plant and machinery for maximum tax benefits, writes Paul Webb, a tax partner at accountancy firm Robert James Partnership.

Money, money, money: Problems can include late payment and unexpected outlays

A guide to business cash flow management issues

Maintaining a healthy cash flow can be the difference between prosperity and going under. GrowthBusiness speaks to business builders about how they've tackled the hurdles of cash flow, and what they recommend as best practice.

Invoice finance can be a good alternative for SME funding

A visual guide on how factoring works

Alternative approaches to SME funding such as invoice finance (factoring and invoice discounting) are now offered by the top banks and independent lenders across the UK.

The value of interim management

Understanding the real value of interim management

Interim management suffers from something of an image crisis, simply because people don't understand the value that it can bring to a company.

The real apprentices

GrowthBusiness finds out how to make an apprentice scheme a success.

Power Off

Energy efficiency devices can generate real savings for your business.

David Crabb, Cambridge Online MD

How to treat staff as a new MD

The appointment of a new managing director can be an unsettling time for staff. David Crabb, MD of IT services company Cambridge Online explains how to inspire trust while bringing in new talent.

The ultrasonic nozzle in action

Ultrasonic nozzle cleaning: the next big thing?

A new device has been created which claims to improve the cleaning powers of water. Could this be the next big thing to implement at your business? 

Business XL magazine, app for iPad & iPhone

Get the Business XL app

All regular readers of Business XL magazine can now download the app for iPad and iPhone free of charge to access all the content from the magazine and more.

Securing a loan from the EIB could be a wise decision

Euro cash

How to get a low-interest loan from the European Investment Bank.

Employment adviser Rehan Pasha

Making pay between assignments work

The ‘pay between assignments’ section of the Agency Workers Regulations is controversial. Employment adviser Rehan Pasha has the lowdown.

Technology grants are available

Seeking out a technology grant

Innovation requires investment, but it can be difficult to find funding providers. One option is the Technology Strategy Board, which provides grants that aim to provide a boost to the right tech companies.

The next big thing: optical communications technology

Since the dawn of the space age, NASA has been relying on radio communications technology to send and receive data to and from spacecraft.

Ensuring your IT systems are locked

Protect against hackers

There are a number of ways to ensure your emails and phone systems are watertight. We reveal the some of the tried and tested techniques of protecting your data.

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