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Mexican kitchens: the two chains are looking to secure the Scottish market

Barburrito completes acquisition of Pinto Mexican Kitchen

Mexican food chains sign deal as Barburrito looks to strengthen Scottish offering

Investment allowance: Industrial vehicles can be bought tax-free

Businesses warned against ‘panic buying’ ahead of changes to Annual Investment Allowance

Some businesses are already experiencing a ‘tapering down’ of the tax tax-free allowance before it settles at its new rates of £200,000 from 2016

Sub-prime unicorns: Are they putting long-term growth at risk?

‘Sub-prime Unicorns’ risk putting valuation ahead of sustainable growth 

Veteran of VC investment and data analytics expert warns that companies chasing the highest valuations risks leaving customers’ needs behind and missing the point of long-term growth

Infrastructure projects: Is delivery fast enough to aid investment?

Improved infrastructure key to strong investment, says CBI research

Progress in infrastructure projects plays a big part in firms’ investment intentions, according to national poll

Building networks: Is yours adding value to your career?

Modern networking about more than just numbers, says expert

David Sole, co-author of 21st Networking, speaks to Growth Business about what it takes to be a successful networker in the age of social media 

Late payments: Are suppliers being chased out of business?

More than three-quarters of businesses make late payments to suppliers

Further evidence of the need for government intervention emerges

Outward focus: Asian firms are looking abroad for M&A deals

Black Monday shifts Asian M&A focus outward

Asian firms looking to acquire have been put off the biggest domestic targets and are now looking towards the US and Europe to realise their expansion goals

European VC: Q3 saw a slight dip but year-on-year figures are up

European VC fundraising activity dips in 2015 Q3

Extensive Dow Jones report reveals a drop in fundraising activity compared to previous quarter

Minicabit: Is this the next big challenger for Uber?

Minicabit raises £1.4m in funding round

Finance round includes commitments from some of the UK’s best known investors and business leaders

Mobile platform: adjust provides services for business

Highland Europe backs adjust with $17m investment

Money will be put toward making adjust a unified mobile data platform 

M&A: Appetite for acquisitions is at a six-year high

Appetite for M&A deals at six-year high

Almost six in ten companies are planning to acquire in the coming 12 months, according a research by EY

SME funding: Is fintech the key to unlock the cash?

Fintech innovation helping to close $2 trillion SME funding gap

White paper from World Economic Forum suggests investment in red hot fintech sector is driving a new wave of SME funding

Cyber security: Is the threat bigger than many realise?

Business suffers from ‘misplaced confidence' over cybercrime

IT decision makers bullish about cyber security but risks may be greater than they realise

Digital leaders: Pay is up but gender pay gap persists

Pay up for leaders in digital sector

It’s good news in general for digital leaders but the gender pay gap is still a concern

Tax credits: Corbyn believes they are crucial for the self-employed

Corbyn: Cutting tax credits would hurt entrepreneurs

Tax credits are useful for self-employed workers, argues the Labour leader at PMQs

Evgen Pharma - LON:EVG

Eastern promise: The trade deals are good news for UK business

UK signs £325m deal with China to boost creative and technology industries

Number of partnerships in sectors including film, music and advanced engineering announced as Chinese delegation meets business leaders and members of the royal family

High-growth: Growing businesses deliver disproportionate economic growth

High-growth small businesses account for 20% of UK’s economic growth

Report from Octopus Investments shows huge value added by high-growth small businesses across the UK

Arthouse: The company deals with interior design

NorthEdge buys stake in Arthouse from Total Capital Partners

Secondary buyout signals successful exit for Total Capital

German lending: Zencap has grown rapidly in 17 months

Funding Circle acquires German SME lender Zencap

Large finance P2P lending platform expands into European markets

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