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Brexit and employment

The outcome of the EU Referendum may have been a surprise to the business community. But what are the implications of Brexit on employment law and UK jobs?

Brexit and foreign investment

​The UK's imminent departure from the EU has raised a number of questions. We look at how this may affect investment into the UK and the potential for our start-ups to receive foreign investment post-Brexit

Brexit. Now what?

Here's what leaving the European Union really means for SMEs across sectors

The UK's high potential businesses REVEALED

The High Potential Business Awards took place on 22nd June at The Savoy, celebrating the achievements of outstanding growth businesses and the advisors and financiers that support them

Comptoir - LON:COM

Twitter acquires London-based machine learning tech for $150m

Magic Pony Technology developed a unique machine learning technique for visual processing - technology that offers a lot of potential for the social media giant

Dedicated 'Leave' sites perform better in generating organic traffic

Britons drawn to 'biased' Brexit content, study suggests

It's no secret that scandal sells. Analysing millions of EU referendum-related search terms reveal a landslide victory for Brexit 'click-bait' over 'moderate' Remain campaigns

Mkango Resources - LON:MKA

Draper Esprit - LON:GROW

SPOILER ALERT: 62 per cent of respondents thought the role of Guild navigator from Dune was a Home Office role.

Skills gap or science fiction?

Home office or Hollywood: How much does UK's workforce know about real STEM-based jobs?

​The lost generation of digital natives

A report released on Monday outlined the severity of the UK's digital skills gap: around 12.6 million UK adults lack basic digital skills. A global study of the online generation, however, pegs the nation as tenth in the world, with over 7 million 'digital natives' in our midst. How can UK businesses reconcile these numbers, and what does this mean for the future of our business landscape?

Time Out - LON:TMO

EU is a 'convenient scapegoat': Vince Cable, Chuka Umunna

Growth Business spoke to former Business Secretary Vince Cable, and his then-opponent, Chuka Umunna on why it makes business sense to stay in the EU

The future is bright for construction SMEs. For every 100 construction businesses that died in 2014, 131 new ones were born.

Infographic: Mapping the SME journey

​From the internet to online banking, it’s not hard to think of some of the changes that have affected the business world in the last two decades. Can we map out the future of SMEs based on what we've learned in the past 20 years? Data from Company Debt highlights the industries and businesses that stand to gain the most in the future

The countdown to the referendum: the SME cheat-sheet

We're ten days away from the most momentous vote in a generation, the EU Referendum. To fully comprehend what's at stake for UK SMEs, GrowthBusiness is bringing together business leaders from the campaigns for and against a Brexit on the 22nd of June. Ahead of then, here are the top three arguments on both sides of the debate

Is your business ready for the Euros?

Euro 2016 starts today, and with kick-off times for the month-long tournament between 2pm and 8pm, is it inevitable that UK's SMEs will face productivity issues this summer?

Accrol - LON:ACRL

Objection! Late payment lawsuits may no longer be an option

​A legal change that came into effect in April this year means that many businesses will not be able to claim unpaid invoices if a supplier goes bust or doesn't pay. Where does this leave SMEs?

Mereo BioPharma - LON:MPH

AI powered platform can build business websites in minutes

A quarter of UK's 5.4 million SMEs neither have a website nor a listing in an online directory, which could lead to these businesses losing out on the millions of consumers who swear by shopping online. Why is there a digital block for these SMEs, and can artificial intelligence-powered website builders address this?

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Comment & Analysis

Brexit: Top five tax implications for businesses

David Brookes, tax partner at accountancy and business advisory firm BDO LLP, looks at the tax implications that leaving the EU has on UK businesses


Directors' Pay on AIM 2016

The annual Directors’ Pay on AIM report is the most comprehensive review of directors’ remuneration on AIM available. It’s ideal for benchmarking your team’s salary, that of your organisation and even your own salary.