Top 13 crowdfunding campaigns of 2015 revealed

Exploding kittens and vegetarian butchers among biggest fundraisers of the year

Top campaigns: 2015 saw some huge funds raised

Top campaigns: 2015 saw some huge funds raised

Elio Motors had the biggest crowdfunding campaign of 2015, raising $46m, according to research by alternative finance specialists Choice Loans. 

The fundraise was for an energy-efficient car that is also affordable, capturing the imagination of an eager public and closing on two times the total of second-place Pebble Watch. Pebble, which raised $20m, is seen as the main independent competitor to Apple's smart watch. 

Card game Exploding Kittens was the fifth-biggest raise of 2015. The card game raised $8.7m from 219,300 backers. The product includes three levels of game along with a comic – 99% of which was given away for free.

Meat alternative business The Vegetarian Butcher was in 12th place, having raised an impressive $2.7m. It claims to produce the most feasible alternatives to meat while reducing carbon footprint and effectively heralding the end of the meat age. 

Check out Choice Loans' full graphic below:

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