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Crowdfund Greece: Feeney led a crowdfunding campaign to bail out the country

Thom Feeney: Successful crowdfunding campaigns don’t require big teams

A team of only two can run a viral crowdfunding campaign, says the man behind the crowdfund Greece campaign

Global trade: Is the UK falling out of love with Europe?

UK SMEs increasingly looking beyond Europe for international trade

North America and Asia biggest new trading markets for British businesses looking beyond traditional European strongholds

Back to the future: Is the hoverboard finally here?

Watch: Video shows Lexus's new hoverboard in action

The short clip shows latest attempt at the Back to the Future favourite in an unmanned 'flight'

Assets seized: The HMRC can take goods from non-compliant businesses

SME risk having assets seized as tax deadline looms

More than 1,000 SMEs had assets taken by HMRC last year after failing to make necessary tax payments

Soaring rents: Are prices driving start-ups out of the capital?

Soaring rents driving start-ups out of London after one year

After one year of trading in London, entrepreneurs’ attitudes towards doing business in the city changes dramatically for the worse

Work/life balance: Employers who get it right reap the talent benefits

Euromonitor International and Bank of England top employers for work/life balance

Strategic market research supplier beats world-famous banking institution into second place in Glassdoor poll

Top entrepreneurs: The company's best individuals and companies are recognised at the awards

Shortlist for entrepreneur of the year announced

Category one of many featured in the Smith & Williamson National Business Awards

Northern way: Is natural openness aiding collaboration?

Working ‘The northern way’ driving collaboration between online businesses in North-West

Reg Rix from high-growth Manchester company Carfinance247 talks to Growth Business about how things are shaping up in the Northern Powerhouse

Sharing economy: Airbnb is one of the founding members of SEUK

New academically-backed ‘trustmark’ for sharing economy

Trade body Sharing Economy UK and Oxford University’s Said Business School team up to develop mark for responsible sharing economy businesses

EU money: Will the agreement bring continental cash for small businesses?

Government’s closer ties with European Investment Fund ‘welcome news’ for UK small business

Everline Ezbob COO Russell Gould believes agreement will improve lending options for ‘under-served’ British small businesses

Revealed: The best countries in the world to do business

China still fastest-growing economy despite recent stock-market collapse: US houses six of the biggest billion dollar start-ups in the world

Housing crisis: Are young entrepreneurs being priced out of the market?

Iain Wright MP: UK risks missing out on top entrepreneurs amid housing crisis

Soaring house prices in London and across the UK mean top international entrepreneurs are thinking twice about setting up in Britain, claims the shadow industry minister

Party lines: MPs from the two main parties have differing views on entrepreneurs

MPs' views on entrepreneurs split across party lines

Conservative MPs more likely to support tax cuts, where Labour ministers favour further government grants and loans: but both parties united in ignorance of current support shcemes

Employment down: The surprise fall in total employment is the first since 2009

Unemployment up for first time in two years

Surprise 15,000 increase in unemployment largely driven by lack of new part-time roles and fall in self-employment

Most admired: Virgin supremo Richard Branson

Richard Branson STILL the country’s most admired entrepreneur          

The 64-year-old remains popular among the country's youngest entrepreneurs

Summer Budget: Has Osborne made an error of judgement?

Summer Budget 2015: Could the living wage be Osborne’s biggest blunder?

As the dust settles on the Summer Budget cracks are already appearing in the chancellor’s plans

Summer Budget: How did it go down with small businesses?

Summer Budget 2015: Full reaction

The world of business gives its views on the Living Wage, Annual Investment Allowance and more

Summer Budget: Annual Investment Allowance will be 200,000 next year

Summer Budget 2015: Permanent Annual Investment Allowance set at £200,000 from 2016

Chancellor extends the increased allowance but some SME left disappointed by the reduction from current £500,000 annual benchmark

Living Wage: Osborne admits it will hit profits

Summer Budget 2015: Compulsory Living Wage will cost businesses 1% of corporate profits

Small impact of profits and jobs to be offset by lower corporation tax and National Insurance contributions, claims chancellor

Summer Budget 2015: Full transcript

Everything said by chancellor George Osborne as he announces a compulsory Living Wage and further cuts to corporation tax

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