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Tossed’s new in-store self-service kiosks eliminate the need for paper money.

Tossed goes cash-free

No cash, no problem. The "healthier eating place" starts the transition. What does this mean for the food-to-go market?

The top women in business REVEALED.

Ten of the world's most inspirational business leaders

Infographic: this company identified the top women in business across the world through their search and social rankings

Budget 2016: northern power-what?

Northern businesses are left unimpressed despite Chancellor George Osborne's infrastructure updates and support for further devolution

Budget 2016: speech in full

Read the whole speech here

Budget 2016: putting the next generation first

The Chancellor plans to cut public spending by an extra £4 billion and invest in infrastructure ahead of the gathering global "storm clouds". What does this mean for the business community?

“Skills shortage vacancies” make up nearly a quarter of all permanent job openings.

Three million apprenticeships in four years: is it really a numbers game?

With National Apprenticeship Week in full swing, we examine whether the government‘s lofty plans can address the nation’s skills shortage

UK wearables market second in Europe

Western European consumers will buy 24.5 million connected fitness trackers and 20.8 million smart watches in the next four years

Will Budget 2016 address the

Budget 2016: Are we any closer to a 'Brittelstand'?

Looking past the long shadows cast on this year's Spring Budget by the EU referendum and pensions speculation, we examine the policies that could affect the mid-market, come March 16

More UK businesses are prioritising innovation, from introducing new products and services to exploring disruptive business mode

UK records biggest boost in business-led innovation since 2010

Government research reveals that over half of UK businesses are actively developing innovative new products and services

The amount of asset based finance secured by UK businesses against stock has jumped from £499 million to £607 million last year.

More UK businesses secure asset based finance

The number of larger businesses using invoice finance jumped by 25 per cent in just a year, from 713 in 2014 to 893 last year

A survey of 250 business owners revealed over a quarter are considering other forms of employment due to the rising costs.

Outdated inflation index costs UK businesses over £210m

Businesses will have to pay a total of £400m more in rates this year and next. What you'll need to know ahead of April 1st

Just a two hour extension to Sunday trading by West End and Knightsbridge retailers could boost the UK economy by at least £190m

'Day of rest' could be holding the economy back by £1.5bn

Communities minister warns that current Sunday trading rules are "badly out of date", costing the UK economy an estimated £1.5bn over 10 years

The exact amount spent by central government departments is estimated to exceed £40 billion.

Government 'could save £10bn a year by improving procurement' 

Lack of commercial skills in the civil service may stand in the way of the government's visionary plan for digital procurement, according to think-tank

In highly competitive markets like finance, media, or car manufacturing, unethical behaviour is often only punished if it does n

Think beyond the bottom line to avoid an ethical "blind spot"

Business leaders are more likely to overlook unethical behaviour if their company operates in a competitive market, according to new research

70 per cent of firms surveyed are using loans, overdrafts and other forms of finance, up from 65 per cent a year ago.

Report: SMEs return to external finance for the first time in four years, yet half remain permanent non-borrowers

According to analysis of 100,000 interviews with SMEs carried out quarterly since 2011, Britain’s small and medium sized businesses are showing signs of migrating back to external finance such as loans and overdrafts

The Good Energy report showed that solar saved £300m on electricity wholesale costs in 2015.

Government "damaging investor confidence in energy sector"

A House of Commons Energy and Climate Change select committee has criticised the Government for lack of transparency and around the low-carbon energy budget

There are nearly 7,000 co-operatives operating across the UK, owned by 15 million people – and worth £37 billion to the economy.

New £1m programme supports UK's co-operative economy

The business support programme is designed to enhance the development of co-operative and community enterprises, a sector that is currently worth £37 billion to the UK economy

Admiral Markets Australia now allows you to trade Forex and CFDs from any browser and operating system

Just about everyone in the industry agrees that MetaTrader 4 is the best Forex  and CFD trading platform ever.

Mid-Market contribution to GDP is forecast to increase by 18 per cent in the next four years.

Medium-sized businesses to boost UK GDP by £50bn

The mid-market is set to be the UK’s fastest growing segment by 2020, according to a new report. 

‘While 82% of businesses use Microsoft Office products, many are unaware of how they can help save time and boost productivity’

65% of small businesses hinder growth through tech inadequacy 

Giving SMBs back just two hours each week – through, for instance, better use of technology – could boost the UK economy by almost £9 billion

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