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HSBC, Barclays and PwC big business winners at European Diversity Awards

Business leaders and organisations honoured at ceremony at London’s Natural History Museum

Young entrepreneurs: Are they more ambitious than older counterparts?

Young entrepreneurs twice as ambitious as older counterparts

Appetite for growth highest among small business owners under 35, according to a report from Albion Ventures

Carefree attitude: Is password security going backwards?

Millennials’ carefree approach to password security putting employers at risk

Many younger employees show staggering ‘digital indifference’ including openly displaying passwords on scraps of paper

GoalSystems to participate in the APTA annual meeting

Spanish optimisation transport company to be involved in gathering of transport professionals

Knowledge economy: It is now one of the biggest sectors in the UK

UK knowledge economy booms as new businesses appear at four times quicker than average

Sector that included fintech and aerospace outstripping wider business growth at fastest rate seen, says report by professional services firm Procorre

Pro-Europe: Are growth businesses keen to keep access to skills?

New survey suggests nine in ten growth companies oppose Brexit

ECI Partners’ 2015 Growth Survey claims strong opposition to EU exit as skills shortages start to bite

Britain first: Do SME leaders want to bring control back from Brussels?

Four in ten SME leaders see EU as a hindrance to business

New poll commissioned by Shore Capital and published by Business for Britain claims anti-EU sentiment among small business community

Renewable electricity generation rose by 51.4 per cent in 2015

Renewable electricity generation up by half on last year

Second quarter of 2015 sees boost in renewable activity

The Humber Gateway offshore wind farm comprises 73 wind turbines

Balfour and Equitix to play key role in Humber Gateway windfarm

Consortium to own and operate transmission link to Humber Gateway windfarm

Fitness guru: Entrepreneur Chris Hillary

‘£50 entrepreneur’ Chris Hillary launches new crowdfunding campaign with Hydratem8

More conventional fundraising campaign for fitness-focused entrepreneur as he aims to raise capital for product to monitor daily hydration

Business leaders to be honoured at European Diversity Awards

Top c-suite executives competing for prizes along with businesses with the most diversity-focused policies and networks

Lonely existence: Do people focus too much on the success of entrepreneurs?

People forget ‘pain’ of entrepreneurship, says former Dragon Piers Linney

Loneliness and financial stress lead to dark times for all who branch out on their own, says EY Entrepreneur of the Year and prominent angel investor

Full shortlist for Investor Allstars Awards 2015 announced

Glamorous GP Bullhound and Vitesse Media event on 1 October to celebrate the cream of the investment and entrepreneur communities with a 'Year of the Unicorns' theme

Digital government: Is Westminster doing enough to offer online services?

Government urged to step up digital services and close gap on private sector

People calling for improved digital services in healthcare and business advice among other areas

Regional devolution: Can it lead to national prosperity?

Devolution could ‘unlock £80bn in economic growth'

Local Government Association claims 34 devolution proposals submitted ahead of the Spending Review would lead to widespread increased prosperity if implemented

Productivity puzzle: The UK is lagging behind other developed economies

UK productivity gap with G7 wider than ever

Productivity in the UK is now 20 percentage points below the average for G7 nations, according to figures from the Office of National Statistics

Enterprise Bill: Can Westminster help small businesses to succeed?

Late insurance payments, red tape and false apprenticeships targeted in government’s Enterprise Bill

Role of small business commissioner also confirmed in wide-ranging announcement from Department of Business, Innovation and Skills

Manchester tech scene: Start-ups are flourishing in the city

Tech start-ups pitch for investment in Manchester forum

Tech Invest Manchester sees digital businesses from the North-West and beyond come face to face with top investors from the angel and VC community

Business growth: This year is a good one for increasing revenue

Number of SMEs reporting growth doubles in 2015

Almost nine in ten small businesses say they are growing this year, according to research by American Express 

Workplace automation: It is aiding job creation but at the expense of the low-skilled

Threat of workplace automation more than offset by job creation

But low-skilled workers still at risk from increased automation, according to Deloitte report

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