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Tight finish: The election could go down to the wire

Peter Kellner: Business’s influence on electorate ‘more subtle’ than open letters

YouGov’s chief pollster on the public’s perception of business and likely election outcomes

General concern: SMEs are worried about the post-election landscape

SMEs worried about election outcome as GDP growth slows

SMEs also believe large corporations benefitted the most from coalition policies

Winners: The Duke of York with two of the young entrepeneurs

Finest Young Digital Entrepreneur winners announced

Inspiring Digital Enterprise Awards (IDEA) hosted by Duke of York

Making up ground: Manufacturing is growing despite poor exports

‘Sluggish’ export figures risk slowing recovery in manufacturing

Manufacturing sector continues recovery in three months to April: but pace of growth slowing amid concerns over lack of exporting opportunities

Open letter: But are all of the signatories genuine?

Doubts surface about Telegraph’s small business letter

Evidence appears that suggests it originated from Conservative HQ: and at least one signatory claims not to have signed

Quiz break: Which party offers business rates cuts for business?

Quiz: How well do you know the parties' business policies?

Test your political knowledge with our quick quiz: and let us know how you get on!

Hard sell: Are business owners under pressure to exit?

Mid-market space set for wave of 'pressurised sales'

Many SME leaders report higher level of investment interest: But three in ten SME business leaders feel pressure to sell business rather than upscale

Chuka Umunna: The shadow business secretary visits a site in Croydon

Chuka Umunna: British business has ‘bad attitude’ towards failure

Shadow business secretary says all failure in business shouldn’t lead to ‘black mark’ for entrepreneurs

Rising cost: Are high housing prices driving start-ups from London?

Two-thirds of entrepreneurs to be driven out of London by spiralling costs

Sharp rises in both housing prices and operating costs could spell trouble for ‘Silicon Roundabout’ as tech start-ups especially affected

Talentless: Apprenticeships can be a way to bridge the skills gap

Half of SME leaders cite skills drain as biggest barrier to growth

Business owners also urge next government to cut red tape for business growth

Hands off: Workers are getting tired of managers stealing their ideas

Eight out of ten managers admit taking credit for employees’ work

Workers warned to be cautious about expressing ideas without proof that they dreamt them up

Mobile guilt: Taking work emails in personal time can lead to stress

Workers feel ‘mobile guilt’ over both personal and work calls

Taking work calls at home and personal calls at work both cause anxiety for Gen M workers

Ambitious: Women in business are focussed on business growth

Ambitious female business owners shun ‘entrepreneur’ label

Word seen as too ‘masculine’ and ‘blokey’: But women prove just as ambitious as men – often more – in business

Cash in: Legislation could mean 2bn more funding for SMEs

Bank referral legislation could lead to £2bn more SME funding

Legislation could see more than 100,000 small businesses fast-tracked to alternative funding route

Cave-dweller: Farage enjoys fulfilling simple needs

Clegg and Farage ‘best coalition partners’, says Praditus data

Psychometric tests suggests Lib Dem and UKIP leaders would be most compatible as joint coalition leaders

Pay gap: Female designers earn less than their male counterparts

Gender pay gap remains pronounced among designers

Extensive study on designers’ salaries looks at comparative pay ahead of Designer Week

Funding growth: Asset based finance is on the up

Asset-based lending to top £20b in 2015

Asset Based Finance Association members confident about level of funding for year ahead

Driving growth: GetTaxi allows customers to hail black cabs

Entrepreneurial Spark partners with GetTaxi and KPMG in separate deals

Free business accelerator programme joins forces with two powerful allies to offer increased support for UK entrepreneurs

See U later: Business owners favour a referendum

Business owners back EU referendum, survey suggests

Business for Britain claims two-thirds of business owners favour a vote on the UK’s membership of the European Union

Money spinner: Global access to capital is growing

One-third of entrepreneurs report increased access to capital

Global survey conducted by the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation also indicates high level of hiring among entrepreneur community

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