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Engineers are among the most overworked in the UK.

UK employees clock up £43b in unpaid overtime

Research from job board,, reveals teachers and engineers at the top of the overworked list

Three in four SMEs too risk-averse to seek finance

More entrepreneurs would rather turn to Google for financial advice than their banks, according to research released today

Army Cpl. Carolyne Dufley won the gold medal in powerlifting during the Invictus Games 2014.

What the business community can learn from veterans

Sage, the Newcastle based global business software firm, announced a partnership with Invictus Games to support former servicemen and women last week. Growth Business speaks to CEO Stephen Kelly on this long-term partnership, offering six-month placements for war veterans in the business world

Demand for professional talent slows ahead of EU referendum

A new survey reveals that vacancies in the financial services sector is up by 10 per cent, despite soft growth across sectors for professional services

Study reveals female board members improve share price

Having female managers on the board improves a company’s share price, according to new research from Skema business school. So what's the hold up?

High street gripes: survey reveals demand for manned tills 

A survey of 10,000 UK consumers on their high street pet peeves shows a demand for manned checkout stations over self-service kiosks

Glen Shoosmith speaking at Digital Banking 2015.

Tech City start-up goes global, grows by 1074 per cent

London headquartered appointment booking platform, BookingBug, has grown ten-fold through international markets

How will the promised 17% corporation tax rate affect the UK

From 2020 the corporation tax rate in the UK will be 17% which means a genuine tax cut for businesses.

The Queen of England: business icon.

Five reasons why the Queen is good for UK business

The royal effect: China's shopping habits are strongly influenced by the Queen and the royal family

HSBC commits £10b in lending to SMBs

With the rise of alternative lending options, banks are at the risk of being dethroned as leading business lenders for entrepreneurs. This announcement follows HSBC's plans to introduce a virtual platform that cuts business loan application and approval times in half

Renewables are surging ahead

Renewables deliver a fifth of all UK power, study shows

Green energy surpasses coal output in first quarter

The New Energy & Cleantech Awards will celebrate the top performers in the sector

Shortlist announced for 2016 New Energy & Cleantech Awards

Candidates revealed for ninth annual clean energy event 

Brexit could spell disaster for struggling UK exporters

More than 21,000 UK manufacturers which rely heavily on exports could be tipped over the edge in a Brexit scenario, despite the boost from the weaker Pound

IP management crucial to successful fundraising or exit

A league table compiled by Metis Partners highlights the increasingly important role of intellectual property management in business growth

SMBs forecast strong growth regardless of the EU referendum

While business confidence remains high, small and mid-sized businesses are less optimistic about the UK economy two months ahead of voting day

Half as many millennials place as much, if not more, trust in FinTech than traditional providers.

Faith in FinTech soars as ISA rates remain low

With ISA rates down by 46 per cent over the past five years, the appeal of alternative finance and FinTech investment platforms are on the rise, particularly among millennials

Freelancers must decide if the instability and risk of gig work is worth the freedom and potential earning power it offers.

Five reasons why gig work is the new normal

Infographic: A networked society means no longer having to show up at the office

Five IT shows you should know about

The additional funds will go into developing a European entrepreneurial ecosystem, according to Alex Macpherson.

Octopus Ventures set to invest £75m in European entrepreneurs

Octopus Ventures, the VC behind Zoopla, Secret Escapes and SwiftKey, raised an additional £100m, bringing its early stage funds to an excess of £400m

Don't be a victim of CEO fraud

Avoid falling prey to fraudulent email scams with this checklist

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