All AIM Deals

Company Industry Market Raised Date
One Delta Investment AIM £0.28m Jan 2012
Antisoma Pharma AIM Nil Jan 2012
West African Minerals Mining AIM £3.25m Jan 2012
Marwyn Capital II Finance AIM £2.5m Dec 2011
Better Capital Investment AIM £200m Dec 2011
IGas Energy Oil & gas AIM Nil Dec 2011
TLA Worldwide Investment AIM £11.96m Dec 2011
Wolf Minerals Mining AIM Nil Nov 2011
Inspired Energy Services AIM £3.35m Nov 2011
Magnolia Petroleum Oil & gas AIM £1.2m Nov 2011
Sphere Medical Pharma AIM £14m Nov 2011
Jupiter Energy Oil & gas AIM Nil Nov 2011
Nandan Cleantech Oil & gas AIM £16.1m Nov 2011
Teliti International Software/IT AIM Nil Nov 2011
Secure Trust Bank Banks AIM £25m Nov 2011
Wentworth Resources Oil & gas AIM Nil Oct 2011
Renovo Pharma AIM Nil Oct 2011
Minoan AIM £0.29m Oct 2011
Palace Capital Insurance AIM £0.52m Sep 2011
African Potash Mining AIM £4.18m Sep 2011
PeerTV IT hardware AIM £1.19m Sep 2011
Galileo Resources Mining AIM £3.3m Sep 2011
Radiant Growth Investments Finance AIM £6.3m Sep 2011
Continental Coal Mining AIM Nil Sep 2011
Port Erin Biopharma Investments Pharma AIM £3m Sep 2011
Fluormin Mining AIM £3.7m Sep 2011
Xtract Energy Oil & gas AIM £3m Sep 2011
Ceres Media International Forestry AIM £1m Sep 2011
Coral Products Industrials AIM £1.8m Sep 2011
MoneySwap Finance AIM £3.05m Aug 2011
Silvermere Energy Investment AIM £1.52m Aug 2011
Great Western Mining Mining AIM £0.98m Aug 2011
Dongfang Shipbuilding Industrials AIM Nil Aug 2011
Allanfield Insurance AIM £1.2m Aug 2011
Escher Group Software/IT AIM £15.4m Aug 2011
MyCelx Technologies Corporation Oil & gas AIM £12.1m Aug 2011
NewRiver Retail Real estate AIM £42.5m Aug 2011
Wildhorse Energy Oil & gas AIM Nil Aug 2011
Frontera Resources Oil & gas AIM £6.8m Aug 2011
China Africa Resources Mining AIM £4.7m Aug 2011
Synchronica Software/IT AIM £9.4m Jul 2011
Sovereign Mines of Africa Aerospace AIM £1.25m Jul 2011
Spectra Systems Services AIM £14m Jul 2011
Tomco Energy Oil & gas AIM Nil Jul 2011
Ferrex Mining AIM £2m Jul 2011
Bayfield Energy Oil & gas AIM £54.4m Jul 2011
600 Group Engineering AIM Nil Jul 2011
Waterlogic Services AIM £48.47m Jul 2011
Smart Metering Systems Services AIM £10m Jul 2011
Bluebird Energy Oil & gas AIM £2m Jul 2011

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