All AIM Deals

Company Industry Market Raised Date
San Leon Energy - LON:SLE Oil & gas AIM £170.3m Sep 2016
Aura Energy - LON:AURA Mining AIM £2.24m Sep 2016
BOS Global - LON:BOS Software/IT AIM nil Aug 2016
APQ Global - LON:APQ Finance AIM nil Aug 2016
LoopUp - LON:LOOP Software/IT AIM £8.5m Aug 2016
Autins - LON:AUTG Automobiles and parts AIM £14m Aug 2016
Franchise Brands - LON:FRAN Services AIM £3.5m Aug 2016
SEC - LON:SECG Media AIM £3.4m Jul 2016
Concepta - LON:CPT Health AIM £3.53 m Jul 2016
Tax Systems - LON:TAX Retail AIM £45m Jul 2016
Dorcaster - LON:DAR Investment AIM £9.7m Jul 2016
Veltyco - LON:VLTY Leisure AIM £0.54m Jun 2016
Comptoir - LON:COM Leisure AIM £8m Jun 2016
Mkango Resources - LON:MKA Mining AIM £1m Jun 2016
Draper Esprit - LON:GROW Finance AIM £79m Jun 2016
Time Out - LON:TMO Media AIM £90.0m Jun 2016
Accrol - LON:ACRL Textiles AIM £63.5m Jun 2016
Mereo BioPharma - LON:MPH Pharma AIM £14.8m Jun 2016
Directa Plus - LON:DCTA Chemicals AIM £12.8m May 2016
Joules - LON:JOUL Retail AIM £66.02m May 2016
Guscio - LON:GUSC Software/IT AIM £1.5m May 2016
SDX Energy - LON:SDX Oil & gas AIM £7.6m May 2016
Oncimmune - LON:ONC Pharma AIM £11m May 2016
EVR - LON:EVRH Software/IT AIM Nil May 2016
Andalas Energy and Power - LON:ADL Chemicals AIM £2.62m May 2016
Green & Smart - LON:GSH Electricity AIM £4m May 2016
Hotel Chocolat - LON:HOTC Food AIM £12m May 2016
Be Heard - LON:BHRD Software/IT AIM £8.1m May 2016
Midwich - LON:MIDW Services AIM £26m May 2016
Morses Club - LON:MCL Finance AIM £68.53m May 2016
Tribal Group - LON:TRB Software/IT AIM Nil May 2016
Maintel - LON:MAI Services AIM £24m Apr 2016
Brighton Pier Group (The) - LON:PIER Leisure AIM £8.5m Apr 2016
Amryt Pharma - LON:AMYT Pharma AIM £10m Apr 2016
Osirium Technologies - LON:OSI Software/IT AIM £6m Apr 2016
Pacific Industrial & Logistics REIT - LON:PILR Investment AIM £12.2m Apr 2016
Totally - LON:TLY Health AIM £6.2m Apr 2016
Marlowe - LON:MRL Services AIM £3.0m Mar 2016
MaxCyte - LON:MXCT Pharma AIM £10m Mar 2016
Harwood Wealth Management - LON:HW. Finance AIM £10m Mar 2016
Watkin Jones - LON:WJG Textiles AIM £131.3m Mar 2016
SalvaRx - LON:SALV Health AIM £1.95m Mar 2016
OneView - LON:ONEV Software/IT AIM Nil Mar 2016
Caledonia Mining - CMCL Mining AIM Nil Mar 2016
Cerillion - LON:CER Software/IT AIM £10m Mar 2016
Blue Prism - LON:PRSM Software/IT AIM £10m Mar 2016
Yu Group - LON:YU. Gas distribution AIM £7.5m Mar 2016
Shield Therapeutics - LON:STX Pharma AIM £32.5m Feb 2016
Circle Property - LON:CRC Real estate AIM £1.2m Feb 2016
Cogenpower - LON:CGP Services AIM £1m Feb 2016

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