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Come to the Small Business, Big Opportunity Symposium on January 24th for an essential insight into business growth in 2017.

The Small Business, Big Opportunity Symposium is on January 24th in London

The Small Business, Big Opportunity Symposium is on January 24th in London

It was an eventful 2016, to put it mildly. With Brexit shaking up the political and economic landscape, the continued march of digital disruption and an intensifying of competition in business globally, the year ahead promises to be challenging for many.

But no matter how your business fared last year, it is time to move forward and 2017 offers a chance for businesses across the country to scale their operations and take on the giants of UK trade. In order to fulfil their potential at a pivotal time, though, business owners must draw on the successes of others and apply the practices of established enterprises to their own operations.

For this, help is at hand. We are excited to inform you that our partners at the Travelers Institute will be hosting a complimentary symposium at the London Science Museum on January 24th featuring panel discussions led by business leaders who have reached the mountaintop.

The event will educate growth businesses on solutions to some of London’s most pressing business challenges. It will explore the essential tools needed for small business success, and is designed to guide and inspire those business owners that seek to make a difference with their product or service this year.

The Small Business, Big Opportunity Symposium will feature a Keynote address from Dr Leah Totton, former winner of The Apprentice and founder of Dr Leah Cosmetic Skin Clinic, who will discuss the challenges she faced when growing her business and give advice on navigating the hurdles we all face in enterprise.

Discussion points throughout the morning will include accessing capital in today’s lending environment, the advantages of technology for sales and marketing, and how to approach business continuity planning.

The Small Business, Big Opportunity Symposium is a great opportunity to network and learn from industry leaders about how to scale your business in 2017. Register for free here.

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