Are you banking that your apps will keep you safe?

Forget closing bank branches; online banking is on the decline as more users rely on bank apps for transactions. Exactly how safe are these apps, asks Bruce Penson, MD of Pro Drive IT

Why managing emotions is the key to tech innovation

You can't drive innovation without the human connection, explains Axway's Richard Farnworth. Here's why

"Don't be the next Sony": Ten tips to avoid massive data breaches

Employees pose a significant risk to cyber security, according to research Norrie Johnston Recruitment. In fact, 23 per cent of employees use the same password for different work applications and 17 per cent actually write these down. Here's how to keep your business safe

Seven steps to keep the hackers at bay

On average, it takes 229 days to detect a security breach. In this time the hacker can input false information, change, delete or steal information. Here's what you need to know

How to optimise server performance

If you already own a business, you will know how important your server setup is to your day-to-day operations

Shock, horror! Why education is cyber security’s biggest hurdle

Cybersecurity does not just have a communications issue. It has an education issue. Training for C-level and staff alike is simply not keeping up with the shape-shifting ways of modern cybercrime, says Code42 chief security officer, Rick Orloff

Can you trust biometrics?

A recent study revealed that two in three Brits are biometrics sceptics, favouring passwords over eye scans or voice recognition. With fraud on the rise, is relying on easy-to-crack passwords enough? 

Seven ways to protect your business from cyber fraud for free

Keeping your business safe doesn't have to expensive

More than half of all data breaches are down to human error

Cyberfraud is sector agnostic. Any business in any industry is just as vulnerable, if not more, to data leaks and fraud, which is why curbing tech naivety should be high on the agenda for growing businesses

Alleviating the IT skills shortage

Employees need to have access to tools that do not require great technical knowledge

Filemaker's David Head explains how democratising IT can help alleviate the looming skills shortage

AI powered platform can build business websites in minutes

A quarter of UK's 5.4 million SMEs neither have a website nor a listing in an online directory, which could lead to these businesses losing out on the millions of consumers who swear by shopping online. Why is there a digital block for these SMEs, and can artificial intelligence-powered website builders address this?

Private & Confidential: consumers’ growing demand for cyber security

Ran Berger, CEO of Flat Rock Technology highlights the three things you should do right now to avoid a security breach

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