Virtual reality is the future of mobile gambling

Paul Swaddle, CEO of Pocket App, outlines how virtual reality can shape the course of mobile and online gambling in the near future

The app-etising future of business

Britons are consumed with technology. So much so, we spend more time on our various “smart” devices than sleeping.

Rahul Parekh, co-founder and CEO of EatFirst, explains the importance of start-ups being tech savvy

Can your website keep up with your business growth?

Your website is the heart of your business. Fabio Torlini, MD EMEA of WP Engine, outlines how to ensure it can scale with your growth

Custom apps: Are they right for your organisation?

The anytime, anywhere nature of the mobile workforce has changed how companies communicate and collaborate. FileMaker's Andrew LeCates outlines what to consider if a custom app is for you

SMEs at risk from data breach threat

Government figures suggest that a data breach costs SMEs an average of £310,000. Yet there's a worrying lack of understanding among these businesses of the true cost of this, according to Jim Steven, head of data breach services at Experian

Getting ahead in the cloud

Every SMB now is a digital business and some are even entirely reliant on IT the keep the revenue stream flowing. Here's how to make the most of the cloud, according to Richard Davies, CEO of ElasticHosts

Don’t let systems anxiety hold you back

Getting access to reliable data, which deliver valuable business insight, is a constant challenge for growing organisations. Grant Millard, head of technology at Vendigital explains

Get the most out of AI in accounting

Artificial intelligence will revolutionise the way in which tax calculations and reporting are carried out.

Man versus machine: it doesn't have to be an either/or choice, according to Richard Seabrook, managing director Europe at Neota Logic. Here's how businesses can take advantage of artificial intelligence to shortcut taxation audits

Pros and cons of hiring professional web developer

Many business owners go for hiring a professional web developer these days because having a good website is very important in order to make the business stand out and be noticed by the target audience.

Five tech sectors to watch

Why your business should be investing in a mobile app


Do you need a business app?

The mobile app industry is one of the world's largest growth markets. How can your business go app-happy?

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Brexit: The pros and cons for SMEs

It is impossible to know what the real impact of Brexit will be without it taking place, but Richard Pepler, CEO of HH Cashflow Finance who also sits on the advisory board of the Development Bank for Wales, outlines the potential pros and cons for SMEs


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