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Bryony Thomas: ‘What makes you remember something?’

The marketing formula for getting noticed

Your business might be the best in the world, but if nobody has noticed you, it really doesn’t matter. Bryony Thomas, founder of Watertight Marketing, talks through how to get your business to stand out. 

Time-shift viewing involved the watching of content after it has been first shown

Rise of time-shift viewing and media meshing presents marketing opportunities and challenges 

With technology adapting at a rate that is hard to keep up with, time-shift viewing provides a way for advertisers to engage with consumers.

Peter Veash: 'A digital approach has to dictate every decision and direction'

To be a digital company, change your core

Want to know whether simply creating a Facebook account constitutes ‘going digital’? Peter Veash, CEO of digital business The BIO Agency, explains why it’s not.

Jane Frost suggests a more human-led approach to customer questioning

Customer value over shareholder value

In an age when long-term success outweighs short-term wins, Market Research Society CEO Jane Frost analyses what business need to be looking for when it comes to gauging customer opinion.

Brand exposure: has used its funding for TV advertising

Investment for business growth: Marketing and new hires for companies after backing

Getting the right message out to the market, and finding the right people to do this with, is a crucial step for business success. Having investment firepower is helping Business Growth Fund portfolio companies to do this, we find out more.

Customer engagement: Something as simple as a branded umbrella can help

Fostering loyalty: Keep your customers coming back to you

Ian Kirk, marketing expert at Opportunity Marketing, looks at what businesses can do to encourage repeat custom.

Network, network: The business card forms an important part of making contacts

How to create the best business card

For any start-up business, entrepreneur or recent graduate, career networking is a vital part of achieving success. Matthew Langham, writing on behalf of Vistaprint, explains how business cards can help.

Getting it right: Retargeting involves tailoring content to those already exposed

Retargeting paid ads to maximise exposure

Using retargeted ads to engage with existing customers in a different way can optimise spend on paid advertisements.

Saying no to new business

Saying no to new business

Knowing when to turn down opportunities with new clients is just as important as knowing which ones to pursue, writes Chris Merrington.

Branding exercises requires focused leadership

Brand success

Andrew Stothert, CEO of brand alignment company Brand Vista, looks at how branding exercises should include everyone involved with a company and requires focused leadership.

TVGoods founder Kevin Harrington

Be aggressive to attract the masses

Retailers are facing a tough time on both sides of the Atlantic, but US infomercial pioneer Kevin Harrington reveals his strategies to sell products on the global stage.

Poor service has hit RIM's Blackberry

A richer experience

Real-time communications are changing how companies and customers interact. We report on strategies for keeping brand experiences positive.

QR codes can add a personal touch

The benefits of QR codes

A little barcode on your promotional material or even business card can work wonders for marketing.

How to make your company stand out

Dare to campaign differently

From viral marketing to publicity stunts and celebrity endorsements, there are numerous ways to make your company stand out from the crowd.

Luxury chocolate brand Green and Black's

Don’t put marketing before product

Green & Black's former chief marketer reveals how he grow the company from £3 million to £55 million.

How an account developer helps

When to act on account development

At the beginning, when businesses start to sell a B2B product or service, most will spend all of the time chasing new sales, writes Paul Higgins, consultant at business services company Rapid Innovation.

A funnel model can help drive sales

A strategy for sales success

Forget sales pipelines, a "sales funnel" is what you need to develop a winning business strategy, writes Julia Payne, owner of consultancy firm Incisive Edge.

The "long tail" is an ugly prospect

Taming the long tail monster

The "long tail" describes those customers who generate little or no income but take up far more resources than they should.

People and your business 

As a business expands its workforce, it’s essential to maintain close working relationships, writes Martin Smith, an assessor from Investors in People.

Why acquisitions fail

When it comes to planning a successful takeover, management teams need to do more than trust to luck.

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