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Retailers beware: Bargain hunters to blame for price hikes

Shoppers looking for a bargain are pushing up the prices for everybody, new research has found

Five top ideas for marketing start-ups with a small budget

Deciding on a marketing method when you are a start-up with limited resources and a small budget is not easy. Here are five ideas to start

The rise of the conscious consumer

Consumers today base their buying decisions on many things beyond price. Zendesk's Tiffany Apczynski explains why ethical businesses do well in our current market, and how you can appeal to the conscious consumer

How to make your customer service soar

A global study by customer experience expert Verint found that 81 per cent of customers really just want their questions answered. Sometimes it's a matter of getting the basics right. Verint's Graeme Gabriel writes

Eight marketing automation platforms you should know about (and why)

A guide to choosing the right marketing system for your business

Invest in content to crack millennials

Chris Gorell Barnes, founder of Adjust Your Set demystifies how businesses can build 'relationships' with millennials

Raise your company profile by the power of one

Harness the power of one to raise your profile, explains Graham Thatcher, director of Chief PR

Make your customers fall in love with you

Infographic: here are seven tips to retain your customers despite fierce competition

Are you wasting your marketing budget on these eight tactics?

Here's how you can avoid wasting time and money on strategies that just won't work

Five ways to drastically boost your email subscriptions

Despite the vast adoption of social media and video marketing measures, email still remains the popular choice for brands.

Innovative branding: Are you getting in right?

Innovate ways to brand your business

Branding is an ongoing concern for businesses and doing it well takes more thought than many appreciate: so how can you ensure your branding is working for you? 

Innovative marketing: Are you up to speed?

Growing your business through innovative marketing tactics

What marketing tools are you going to use in 2016?

Global marketing is tough to get right, but can be achieved with diligence

How to market a niche product globally 

Here's how to stand out from the crowd with your global brand

Customer complaints: Can they become a source of marketing gold?

Turning a complaint into business gold dust 

The post-Christmas period will mean rafts of complaints: but how can you turn this potential headache into an advantage?

Digital marketing: What are the big trends for 2016?

Digital marketing trends to look out for in 2016

Here is a look at the hot new digital marketing trends for 2016 and how you can use them for your business

Inbound marketing: Are you creating content with the customer in mind?

Inbound marketing: the power of curating enjoyable content

Marketing needn't just be a blunt instrument to push your product: inbound marketing means you can create content customers will genuinely enjoy while still increasing your bottom line

Experiential marketing: Physical and digital elements are now combining

How to boost brand engagement with experiential marketing

Experiential marketing is really taking off, with some of the world's leading brands including Premier League football clubs getting onboard: so how can you use it to give your business the edge?

Unloved: The nation hasn't taken poor Workie to its heart

Five marketing campaigns that were even worse than DWP’s Workie

The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) has come under fire after it was revealed £8.5m was spent on its new ‘physical embodiment of workplace pensions’ Workie: but it is far from the first organisation to throw away money on less than successful marketing campaigns

Millennial marketing: Do you know how to connect?

Harnessing big data to market to Millennials

Paul Black, CEO of sales-i, discusses how embracing Big Data can help you reach out to, and engage with, millennials

Abandoned goods: Online retailers can make hay by facing this challenge head-on

Curing shopping basket abandonment -  a golden opportunity for online retailers

Online customers not completing their orders and leaving empty-handed is a major problem for e-commerce traders: so how can it be addressed?

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Eight marketing automation platforms you should know about (and why)

A guide to choosing the right marketing system for your business