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Attending business school can provide a new perspective on entrepreneurship

The benefits of completing a MSc from an entrepreneur’s perspective

With a wealth of options out there when it comes to sharpening your business skills, Kaffeination co-founder Matthias Schmid tells us why his decision to complete a MSc in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship at Manchester Business School paid off for him.

The Godfather Don Corleone oversaw a mafia empire using novel strategies

What can we learn from literature’s most memorable businessmen?

They are fictional characters from some of history's most classic tales, but what lessons are worth extrapolating?

City and business: Boris Johnson has served as London mayor since 2008

Why Boris Johnson's job-share would be good news for London business

With the mayor of London Boris Johnson set to decide between keeping his position or returning to government, business consultant Leon Emirali argues that a job-share might be a good idea.

Non-executives can help with factors such as boardroom cohesion

Why a non-executive may be just the tonic your growth strategy needs

Alex Arnot, a non-executive board advisor to a range of SME organisations, outlines six reasons why you can’t afford NOT to appoint one.

City Hall was the location for the meeting of 100 CEOs with investors

What makes a successful CEO?

To find out what characteristics contribute to a world-class CEO, GrowthBusiness visited the CEO Summit and posed the question to select members of the new CEO 100 Club.

Local produce: The cassava root is a vital part of the brewing process

Improving the supply chain through support and advice

When a company's supply chain stretches across all four corners of the globe, helping them to improve is an important challenge.

Family firm: Peter Petyt is looking to take Kain Knight to the next level

The art of growing a family run professional services firm

Growing any business is rarely a walk in the park, but coming in as an outsider to grow a 35-year old, family-run legal services firm is even harder still. 

And again: Alex Ferguson has created countless new teams during his 27 years

How the skills of Manchester United's Alex Ferguson can be used to construct a winning business team

By looking at the skills and leadership qualities of Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson, Simon Swan, co-founder of, looks at how this can be applied to the business world and the success of growth companies.

Outside perspective: Non-executive directors can advise on growth and exits

How non-executive directors can help with business development and succession

As non-executive directors play a progressively more influential role in how businesses grow, Caroline Belcher, partner and head of the exit planning practice at Cavendish Corporate Finance looks at what they can bring – particularly to the sale process.

Stephen Archer: Good culture in turn is a reflection of good values

Barclays - a lesson in leadership

Stephen Archer, business analyst and director at UK-based business consultancy Spring Partnerships, looks at how the fall-out of the Barclays Libor scandal impacts on the role of leaders in business.

Two dimensional: 'Group think' can lead boards to miss out on big direction changes

How to avoid ‘group think’ in established companies

The ability to make big strategic decisions is an important part of any company board. Mike Robson, director at advisory firm Azure Partners, looks at how business must avoid the 'group think' mentality.

An uphill march for the manufacturers

British manufacturing has come under increasing pressure to help boost the UK’s economy, writes Mike Norfield, CEO of Team Telecom Group.

Attributes for boardroom leadership

Effective board attributes

For any board to be effective there are some prerequisites that its members need. 

Boardroom disputes can harm growth

Identifying a fragmented board

A lack of agreement or, worse still, outright conflict at board level is one of the biggest barriers to success that a company can face.

Bad debts can strangle a business

Reducing the risk of bad debt

A good credit control system can be considered the lifeblood of a business. Terry Irwin of TCii Strategic and Management Consultants explains ways to reduce the risk presented to your business by bad debt.

Leading success in UK manufacturing

UK manufacturers are thriving, having come through a challenging couple of years. Two business leaders talk about how they are revolutionising the industry.

Growth capital can help fulfill potential

Allowing investors to take a cut

You have made it on your own so far, why share now? Simon Clark, partner at Fidelity Growth, explains when investment can help expand a business.

MBA graduates can climb the ladder faster

Boost your business brainpower

A Master of Business Administration, or MBA, seems to confer considerable career benefits regardless of industry or academic background. We speak to graduates to find out how the qualification has helped them in business.

Psychologist and nutritionist Susan Scott

Overcome workplace stress

With stress being one of the leading causes of sick days, easing the symptoms should be at the top of every agenda.

How businesses are adapting to austerity

Adapting to reduced circumstances

A new era of raised taxes and lower public spending presents fresh challenges. Three business leaders tell GB how they plan to thrive in this age of national austerity.

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Mosaic Ventures will provide vital finance to start-ups located across Europe

Prolific venture capitalists unite to form new European investment pot

Mike Chalfen, Toby Coppel and Simon Levene are coming together in the form of Mosaic Ventures and will begin to back start-ups from a $140 million pot.

The Entrepreneur

Esteemed alumni: Last year's winner was online property service Zoopla

Trailblazing entrepreneurs: Europe's Allstar Company of the Year

As the five companies making up the shortlist for Europe's Allstar Company, GrowthBusiness profiles Achica, BlaBlaCar, Farfetch, NewVoiceMedia and Zound Industries to find out what goes into creating and growing a leading technology company.

Comment & Analysis

A referendum which could have a profound impact on business

Whatever the result of the Scottish independence referendum, the outcome will likely have a significant effect on the business landscape of the UK or divided nations.


What moves small-cap share prices?

Research report into the top-performing 100 companies below the FTSE 350 and on AIM.