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ezbob hopes to take alternative lending ‘into new realm’ in 2015

This piece, in association with ezbob, highlights the way the alternative finance lender is shaking up its business finance products in 2015

Training staff to use payroll software can help save on costs, Byrne says

Five tips on how to properly use payroll software

Paul Byrne, managing director at Thesaurus Software, gives his advice on getting the most out of payroll software.

The strength of the pound is growing as the UK economy recovers

What British pound sterling’s current strength means for businesses

While it may seem favourable to have a strong and improving pound, Kantox CEO Philippe Gelis explains why it hits UK exporters’ wallets – but can be leveraged for gains.

Repossession rates are on the increase, especially in the north

Investors: Northern England best place for repossessed property

Strategic property purchases can help boost an investment business – and repossessions offer a great opportunity.

Business recovery – What help is available?

Here, we look at the procedures surrounding business recovery, such as liquidation and company voluntary agreements.

Uncertain times lead to a desire from workers to secure protectoin

Almost half of employees would take income protection over a pay rise 

Employer-sponsored protection is featuring highly when it comes to staff preferences, alongside other features such as pension packages.

Business owners now have a growing array of finance options

What you need to know about online finance options

Despite the struggles for SMEs to secure finance, the number of options available continues to grow. Clive Lewis, head of SME issues at the ICAEW, provides a guide to what is out there.

If new to the foreign exchange market, expertise and guidance are invaluable

The pragmatist’s guide to currency management for businesses expanding overseas

While growing a company in new territories can be a baptism of fire, currency management need not hold back a business – as Halo Financial director David Johnson explains.

As businesses begin to ramp up finance faces unprecedented pressure

How to release finance from its administrative burden

Stuart Evans, chief technology officer at Invu, explains how using electronic and automated invoice processing can ease the strain on finance departments.

Growth in Cuba has long been hindered by its trade embargo with the US

Time to invest in Cuba?

View from the dealing floor. Eduard van Nes works on IG’s dealing floor in London. He looks at the influx of investment arriving in Cuba and the entrepreneurial culture growing.

Changes to the way landlords are paid could mean late payment issues

How will the bedroom tax affect houses sold with long term tenants?

The bedroom tax is having a big affect on the way in which landlords manage properties.

Business savings: Cash is needed by companies to reinvest for growth

Less capital on hand for SMEs to invest

A fall in the amount of cash SMEs have readily available to invest in the business has been noted by new research carried out by Bibby Financial Services.

There are a number of factors which influence house sales

Undesirable home features

Running a business is about hard work, determination and solving problems. But when it comes to buying a home, it’s often the things that we can’t fix which are uppermost in our minds.

Transparent details: Including aspects like profit and loss are important

The perils of filing abbreviated company accounts

Making the decision to file abbreviated company accounts could lead to the loss of contracts and trouble with financing, so explains Ewan Mitchell, senior mathematician at corporate finance risk analysis firm Company Watch.

New sites: Springfield has used its BGF cash to fund its new care village

Investment for business growth: Capital expenditure for companies post-investment

When the money rolls in following an institutional backing, businesses often have more money to utilise than ever before. GrowthBusiness has gathered four Business Growth Fund portfolio firms to find out how capital expenditure features in business growth.

All change: RTI will represent one of the biggest alterations to the UK tax system

How to get ready for real-time information (RTI) tax reporting

RTI comes into effect on 6 April and it will affect all UK employers and their employees. Helen Harvey, payroll director at Payrole, provides her top tips for getting ready in time and remaining a conscientious employer.

What does landlord insurance cover?

If you're a landlord in these uncertain times, you're likely to find yourself worrying about what might be coming around the corner. 

Improved climate: Bigger pay packets are returning to Paternoster Square

Number of seven-figure AIM salaries reaches pre-crisis level

The Alternative Investment Market now has 24 CEOs who earn more than £1 million.

The AIA shrinks to £25,000 in 2012

The annual investment allowance explained

Now is the time to invest in new plant and machinery for maximum tax benefits, writes Paul Webb, a tax partner at accountancy firm Robert James Partnership.

Money matters: Not putting EIS contributions to work could create problems

Negotiating the EIS investment route

Lesley Stalker, tax partner at Surrey-based tax adviser RJP, explains that while the Enterprise Investment Scheme can bring much needed investment to a business, there are a number of tax implications to be aware of.

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