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Will big business payment terms ever change?

Do you spend an average of 10 per cent of your day chasing late payments? Xero's Gary Turner explains what lies at the root of this systemic problem

Ancient handwriting discovered - and its a demand for late payment

Recently excavated ancient wooden tablets reveal that the problem of late payments is as old as trade itself. Samantha White, CEO of My Credit Controllers writes

Real time information: making accounting software crucial

Business accounting software has reduced the potential for errors, particularly following the introduction of the Real Time Information (RTI) legislation

Chasing payment – don’t get left behind

Late payment is the long-standing scourge of growing businesses. John Atkinson, managing director at Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance, shares a checklist for businesses to get outstanding invoices paid on time, every time

Despite low levels of inflation, the cost of living for the UK population continues to rise.

The living wage is more than worthwhile, but people need affordable credit, too

The new national living wage is a step in the right direction, but the cost of living and job security are increasing concerns for the UK workforce

The weakening of certain currencies as a result of China’s devaluation has made currency exchange even more affordable in such n

The continuing international effect of China's currency devaluation

What will be in store for the Chinese currency in coming months?

Tighten the belt: How are you controlling costs in 2016?

Keep on top of costs in 2016 by being meticulous with your supplier selection

With the start to the New Year everyone is conscious of their budgets. Being aware of the cost is the first step in being meticulous with your supplier selection.

VAT changes: Do you know what it means for you?

How proposed changes to VAT could affect digital companies

EU rules around digital services have long been a source of disquiet: so how is a government reacting to the changes brought in on 1 January 2015?

Global money: Are SMEs prepared for the international market?

The world is getting smaller, so SMEs need to start getting smarter about international payments

SMEs are exposed to international exchange markets earlier than ever before: so are they ready for the challenges this brings?

Christmas Crunch: Are you prepared for extra costs?

How SMEs can manage the Christmas Crunch 

Christmas can be an expensive time for small businesses for various reasons: so can you anticipate and reduce the season's financial impact?

R&D: Tax breaks are available for SMEs

Why aren’t SMEs taking advantage of R&D tax breaks?

There are numerous ways in which SMEs can claim financial incentive rewards for R&D investments: so why are so few doing so and how can we increase awareness?

General administrative duties can get in the way of SMEs monitoring their finances.

Sole trade budgeting tips to avoid debt

As a sole trader, keeping an eye on your finances can sometimes prove tricky - particularly when you're already snowed under with the day-to-day running of your business.

Foreign exchange: Are you getting your money's worth?

The importance of managing your foreign exchange exposure to maximise profits

Companies that work with a foreign supplier or who conduct business internationally require the use of a foreign exchange specialist: here Richard de Meo provides his top tips for successfully navigating volatility in the currency markets

SME boost: Bankstream GM Frank Woods

SMEs reach new heights with a boost from their accountants

Increased automation in accounting processes is allowing SME leaders to concentrate on growth and filling the Treasury's coffers

Wealth management: How does fintech's involvement affect the sector?

The rise of fintech in wealth management: the rise of the robo-advisor?

Fintech looks set to disrupt every financial sector you can think of: so how will its effects of increased automation be felt within wealth management?

Invoice fraud: is your business safe?

Invoice fraud: how to protect your business against bogus claims

With invoice fraud on the increase, here are some ways to spot the increasingly sophisticated techniques used and protect your business

Exchange rates: How is negative inflation going to affect the pound?

Weekly exchange rate forecast for GBP, EUR, USD: UK, US CPI in focus this week

Pound Sterling (GBP) exchange rate Could fall as inflation falls to -0.1%

Foreign exchange: Do you have the right partnerships to understand the market?

Overview of the benefits of hiring a commercial foreign exchange company

Understanding foreign exchange is as complex as ever: so is hiring a commercial foreign exchange partner the way forward?

Foreign exchange: Do you know how to hedge?

Forecasting foreign exchange rate fluctuations

Hedging on foreign exchange rates can be a money-spinner for SMEs if done well: so how can you make sure you reap the benefits?

Currency markets: Is your business prepared for any fluctuations?

How will your business respond to changes in the foreign exchange market?

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