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Getting the experience wrong can result in an abandoned shopping cart

8 fatal e-commerce mistakes made by small business owners

E-commerce sites that people love happen when business owners understand how customers view, browse and use their site, says iWeb Solutions managing director Nick Pinson.

Brazil is fast becoming one of the leading nations when it comes to e-commerce

Building a better business in Brazil

Glenn Porter, general manager of international identity verification at GB Group, provides a run down on what needs to be done to enter the Brazilian e-commerce market.

Google still places a heavy emphasis on original, high-quality content

How does Google Hummingbird impact your business?

Falling foul of Google is a situation which can be both costly and time-consuming for a business. Tamlin Roberts, managing director at Mercurytide, reveals what needs to be done.

Internet power: Acquiring customers online means less spend on infrastructure

Open for export: UK businesses should look to overseas shoppers for growth

Despite a predicted fall in the amount of exporting by British businesses, PayPal UK managing director Cameron McLean believes that UK businesses should still be viewing the global market as a growth opportunity.

Building blocks

Chris Kerwin, co-founder of digital commercial strategy firm Can-did, looks at how growing businesses can maximise online revenues.

Businesses falling into payment pitfalls

Avoid international payment pitfalls

British importers and exporters make hundreds of thousands of international payments everyday, but about one third of businesses encounter payment delay or failure because of avoidable mistakes.

Kiniki has used the web to grow sales

Selling more online

Entrepreneurs reveal their top tips for boosting web-based revenues.

Guide shoppers towards a purchase

How to turn browsers into buyers

If you're getting plenty of visitors to your website but not many sales, you're not alone. Most websites convert visitors to customers at a very low rate, often less than 3 per cent. Here are seven tips to help.

Beat spyware and spam

Five ways to keep your email clean and secure

Website hijacking can be a catastrophe

Deceptive appearances 

Legitimate websites are now spreading viruses

Constructive cost-cutting

How online marketing company Infoserve cut £700,000 worth of costs by focusing on its strategic objectives and letting go of projects which were unlikely to make short-term returns.

A greater whole

Exporting data from one database to another can be a source of real problems for a growing business. Often, the task has to be performed manually which, aside from being time consuming, generates a lot of errors such as typos or multiple entries.

Find the right customer

An industry has sprung up that takes the old adage of ‘knowing your customer’ that stage further.

Getting your website ready for Christmas

When you’re gearing up for the biggest sales opportunity of the year, being well-prepared is everything – and online is no different. Mario Thomas, MD of Leeds-based digital agency Chapter Eight, offers his tips for getting your website ready for the rush.

Email storage threat

Over two thirds of UK businesses now rely on email to retain vital customer information, according a recent survey of UK IT professionals. The report also found that 77 per cent of respondents felt customer information was being locked away in mailboxes, reducing its value.

Setting up e-commerce via a website

I have built a website that shows details of products that I would like to be available for sale, how do I go about setting the site up as a transactional site, and what key elements do I need to add?

Choosing software for e-commerce websites

What should I look for when choosing software to build my ecommerce website?

e-commerce – living the online dream

With website trade accounting for seven per cent of total retail sales, there’s never been a better time to be online. But to really succeed you need to ensure your e-commerce strategy is built around consumer convenience, trust and simplicity – not the latest technological wizardry.

e-Marketing made easy

There’s no point in having a web presence if your customers don’t know you exist. GrowthBusiness reveals how you can grow your online business rapidly with an innovative e-marketing campaign.

Cut-price communications: VoIP takes off

Cheaper phone calls, improved call management and the ability to make your business a flexible workplace are just some of the benefits of voice over internet protocol (VoIP).

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Gorkana connects journalists and PR professionals through online tools

Gorkana Group snapped up by rival business Cision

Exponent Private Equity has exited its interest in media intelligence business Gorkana Group through a deal worth £200 million.

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The Duke of York has turned his attention to the start-up community

Start-up pitching: By his royal appointment

Pitching to a room full of peers is difficult enough, but imagine doing it with the scrutinising eye of HRH Duke of York less than 10 feet away.

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Time for The Apprentice to decide its purpose

What started as a TV show attempting to find the next superstar of Alan Sugar's business empire has turned into a tit-for-tat 12-week cat fight culminating in an angel investment you'd never find in the business world.


What moves small-cap share prices?

Research report into the top-performing 100 companies below the FTSE 350 and on AIM.