Promoting health and wellbeing through workplace culture and design

Office wellbeing: Are you doing all you can?

Office wellbeing: Are you doing all you can?

The productivity puzzle is a very tough one to solve: but can improving workplace wellbeing be a major step in the right direction? Nigel Crunden from Office Depot explains

North East sees a boom in commercial property sales

Is Newcastle on the rise?

Here's why the North East is showing potential in the commercial property sector. 

Moving to Dubai: Preparing for the challenge of new markets

Engage Works recently entered the market in Dubai: here CEO and founder Steve Blyth uses his experiences to offer advice to businesses entering that or any other foreign markets

Raft of tech companies breaking out from ‘hotbed of innovation’ New Zealand

New Zealand: The country's tech businesses are breaking out

It’s not just the 15 warriors of the All Blacks that are putting New Zealand on the map these days: a refreshing approach to business and an ability to innovate means the country’s tech scene is also punching above its weight

What start-ups should consider when searching for office space

Following the launch of its 84,000 sq ft space for start-ups and entrepreneurs in Camden, Vanessa Butz, MD of Interchange talks about what startups should look out for when searching for office space

How new financial incentives make apprenticeship investment even more appealing

You're hired: Apprentices aren't just for fame-hungry Lords

As the BBC prepares to welcome back another series of The Apprentice, taking on a young hopeful for your own business could be the smartest money you ever spend…

From culture to strong leadership: how to build the perfect team

Going from running a start-up as a sole entrepreneur to building a successful team can be a tricky business: so here are some tips to ensure a smooth transition

The power of saying no when building your business

Saying no: Can picking your battles help to grow your business?

Everyone will tell you that a positive approach to all aspects of your business is key: but is there a case for saying no as a tool for business success? Ian Cowley of explores

The innovation nation: Five ways the UK can top the innovation league (and remain there)

Funding is undoubtably key when looking to scale a business, but it is not everything: here are five ways to can ensure that scaling your business to its maximum potential is within your sights

Educating your employees on pest control

Pest control: How aware are your staff of the dangers?

Pest control may not be something you've thought about but it is a genuine problem: so how can you make sure your workforce knows the signs to stop it early?

How to select a logistics partner that can truly deliver

Logistics may not be the most glamorous part of running a business but it is hugely important: so how can you make sure you pick a partner that makes everything run smoothly?

Top tips for finding and creating the perfect working environment

Olly Olsen, Co-CEO of The Office Group, provider of flexible design-led office space, talks about what to consider when searching for an office and how the right working environment can help boost productivity

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Five reasons banks use to reject applications for commercial mortgages

Business Finance

When most commercial borrowers apply for commercial mortgages and banks reject their application, they feel confused and lost because banks don’t bother to explain why they have turned it down.

Self employed? How to avoid going bankrupt if your business is failing

Business Finance

Nobody enters the world of self-employment with anything more than an optimistic, hopeful outlook. The problem is that things don’t always go quite as rosy

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Apprentice levy: Has George Osborne thrown small business under the bus?

Small business apprenticeships hammered to facilitate tax credits u-turn 

The chancellor announced a surprise u-turn on tax credits today: but the £3.3bn shortfall that it presents is to be shifted to SMEs looking for apprentices

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Exit success: Paul Taberner

The mid-life quandary for entrepreneurs – and how to resolve it

Should you sell up now while the going is good or wait until retirement? Paul Taberner, Investment Director at Enterprise Ventures, suggests another option


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