Five common growing pains for small businesses

Growing pains: How can they be minimised when expanding?

Growing pains: How can they be minimised when expanding?

What are the biggest common headaches experienced by growing businesses? See if you agree with the five outlined below

Internal efficiencies: the key to reducing red tape

Tied up: Red tape can distract from the important business of making a profit

Red tape is consistently cited as one of the main barriers to business growth: so how can businesses adapt their own working methods to minimise its impact?

How does the Enterprise Bill affect job creation among SMEs?

Lack of skills is an issue that has been worrying SME business owners for some time now: so is the Enterprise Bill the answer and what can be down until its effects are felt?

From Corby to the Kremlin: how one UK business got some love from Russia

Russian dolls: One UK company got an unexpected call from Moscow

Duncan Geddes tells the story of how one company got a very unexpected but welcome call from the Kremlin: have you experienced anything similar?

You’re Hired! Why apprenticeship schemes can benefit small businesses

With regular media and political discussions around how to encourage greater uptake of apprenticeships, Annamarie Petsis Jones, HR director at business energy supplier Opus Energy, discusses the valuable role apprentices can play in a business’ operations and the practicalities of taking on apprentices

A lesson in business transformation

Personal touch: Moulding an existing business can be lucrative

People who launch their own business often get all the plaudits: but taking over an existing business and overhauling it can be just as impressive and rewarding

Turn your business’s coffee culture into a revenue stream

Coffee culture is something that seems embedded in all workforces now: but by encouraging it on site rather than external coffee houses can you create a profit stream while capturing more of the best ideas?

How to stop your golden business idea running away from you

Balancing act: The period between inspiration and growth can be precarious

Having that killer idea is an exciting time and acts as the springboard to business growth: but converting it into successful expansion and profit can be harder than it first seems...

How to make the most of the home office

How can you arrange your home office to increase your output? Read on to discover the best ways to make your home apowerhouse for productivity

Marketing, training or NPD: What is the best way to grow your business?

Fuelling growth: But is a short or long-term approach best?

Kevin Uphill, Chairman of commercial business sales and mergers & acquisitions consultancy, Avondale, discusses the balance between investment focused on immediate results compared to longer-term business benefits through staff training and middle management retention

Perfecting the OX – Office Experience is key for boosting productivity

The Uk is is the midst of a productivity crisis – is improving the office experience key to solving it?

How to grow your business using the lean start-up method

The lean start-up model can work when growing your business: but only if everyone is on board and informed

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Together we brand: how to foster success through strategic partnerships

Marketing Strategies & Research

Strategic partnerships can be a dream come true for both parties if done well: so how do you ensure you have a deal that works well for everyone?

Why are fashion brands worried about a weak Euro and Chinese tourists?

Marketing Strategies & Research

The relative value of the Chinese and European currencies has seen shoppers flock West to get the most when flashing the cash for fashion: but it is a growing headache for Chinese brands

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Five ways crowdfunding is being used for good

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Nurturing growth: How can post-recession businesses survive and thrive?

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