Tattoos and the nine-to-five: is it still a corporate no-no?

Human Resources

Research reveals that tattoos are still seen as undesirable at many workplaces. Is this really still the case? 

Lessons from the Brangelina breakup

Human Resources

David Price comments on relationships breakdowns – should employers offer their support and how can they do this?

Three major myths about flat organisational structures

Human Resources

Here's why adopting a flat structure may benefit your company more than you think

Five practical tips for retailers to make the best of mobile wallets

Business Tools

Mobile wallets allow consumers to communicate with brands more seamlessly than ever before. Here are five top tips on adopting a mobile wallet for your business

Three ways to get the most out of workforce management systems

Business Tools

Dave Hoekstra of Teleopti takes a closer look at three simple tips for return on investment on Workforce Management systems (WFM) 

Ten tips on resolving workplace conflict

Human Resources

A happy workplace is a productive workplace, according to author and self-help guru Kul Mahay. Here are his top tips on how to avoid arguments when tensions are high at work

Are you banking that your apps will keep you safe?

Technology for Business

Forget closing bank branches; online banking is on the decline as more users rely on bank apps for transactions. Exactly how safe are these apps, asks Bruce Penson, MD of Pro Drive IT

Help! I got a tax bill

Business Finance

Funding Options CEO Conrad Ford outlines what to do if you receive a tax bill

How to recruit and retain millennial employees

Human Resources

Here's how to get the best talent among the generation of job-hoppers

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