Comment & Analysis

Beware of death by a thousand questions in the private equity game

Chris Ingram / 02 May 2013

Private equity firms are very dangerous to know if yours is a small, fast-moving firm.

Entrepreneurs, don’t be afraid to ask for help

Stephen Welton / 25 Apr 2013

Surround yourself with the best people for the job and your business will reap the benefit.

Going global: It’s not just for big business

Davor Hebel / 17 Apr 2013

Building a high-growth business stage two: Making the international step from the outset.

What is a ‘proven business model’? 

Johnny Hewett / 10 Apr 2013

Determining what is a quantifiably sound business model is hard work for both entrepreneurs and investors.

Losing its entrepreneurial flair

Hunter Ruthven / 04 Apr 2013

The government has lost one of its best business brains through the departing Rohan Silva.

Giving equity finance a chance

Stephen Welton / 14 Mar 2013

After an era rich in debt, equity financing provides a more sustainable growth track.

How to plug the talent gap through sourcing expertise

Davor Hebel / 07 Mar 2013

Building a high-growth business stage one: Hire the best people.

Is the price right? More science than you think

Johnny Hewett / 28 Feb 2013

‘Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.’  Predictably wise words from the Sage of Omaha himself. 

M&A Awards 2013: Honouring the industry's best

Hunter Ruthven / 21 Feb 2013

It's that time of year again when we look to celebrate the best of the M&A world.

Looking after your investors post fundraising

Bob Taylor / 11 Feb 2013

Don’t forget to keep investors sweet after they've handed over the cash.

Advising entrepreneurs by extending the advice chain

George Coelho / 05 Feb 2013

In his third and final column on mentoring business builders, George Coelho explains how gaining access to one advisor can open the door to many more.

The accelerating death of the UK high street

Jon Moulton / 30 Jan 2013

Comet, Allied Carpets, HMV, Blockbuster – the casualties keep coming.

Mentoring entrepreneurs through sleight of hand

George Coelho / 21 Jan 2013

In the second of three columns on advising entrepreneurs, George Coelho examines how advice givers should do their best to provide every conceivable advantage.

Defining the optimum amount of capital to raise

Johnny Hewett / 17 Jan 2013

Just how much is the right level of investment cash to raise, and what determines it?

How to mentor entrepreneurs by giving useful feedback

George Coelho / 09 Jan 2013

In the first of three columns on mentoring business builders, George Coelho looks at the notion of positive and critical feedback.

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LoyaltyLion founders Dave Clark and Charlie Casey now have requisite funding

LoyaltyLion raises venture round to build out e-commerce offering

EC1 Capital has led a new seed funding round for LoyaltyLion, with the start-up banking $370,000 of growth capital.

The Entrepreneur

Expert view: Business plans are the new novels, says Richard Reed

Innocent Drink’s Richard Reed on life after a $500 million company

At the beginning of 2013 Richard Reed and the rest of his founding team at Innocent Drinks sold out the last of their stake to Coca Cola. GrowthBusiness finds out what happens after exiting a business valued at $500 million.

Growing A Business

MINT nations: (Clockwise from top left) Mexico, Indonesia, Turkey and Nigeria

The emerging markets worth a MINT

Glenn Porter, general manager international identity verification at GBGroup, examines the opportunities and risks of trading with the MINT population of Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey.


Directors' Pay on AIM 2014

The most complete review of directors' remuneration on AIM.