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Three tips for raising funds the smart way

"We are being sold a narrative that celebrates raising funds for a business, as opposed to actually building a business."

Monika Juneja / 25 Apr 2016

Monika Juneja, director at One Hit Consulting shares her top tips for raising investment, having seen countless number of businesses go down this route

Brexit-proof your business

21 Apr 2016

Research from the Federation of Small Businesses revealed that 42 per cent of SMEs were yet to make up their minds on whether to stay in the EU or leave. In the event that the vote swings towards Brexit, here are five ways you can prepare

Tackling the symptom, not the cause: the London house price debate

Leigh Stewart  / 21 Apr 2016

Leigh Stewart, an expert contributor for online property broker,, explains why property prices in London will only continue to increase

Are business banking customers missing out on a competition review?

Alex Hunn / 19 Apr 2016

Transparency clearly isn’t in a bank’s economic interests, writes Alex Hunn, founder and chief executive of freemarketfx

How document storage services can help you get organised

19 Apr 2016

Document storage might be your best ally when spring cleaning

Not everyone can be an entrepreneur

Bivek Sharma / 08 Apr 2016

It takes three formidable personality traits to be a successful business owner

Three resolutions you should make for the new tax year

Paul Lawton / 07 Apr 2016

Now is the time to re-examine your business strategy

Should you bring video production in-house?

Rob Dumbleton / 06 Apr 2016

Bringing the studio in-house can save at least half of your annual video production budget, but it may not be for everyone

Opt-out class actions launch in the UK

In 2014, mobility scooter manufacturer, Pride Mobility Products, was found guilty of breaching competition rules.

In 2014, mobility scooter manufacturer, Pride Mobility Products, was found guilty of breaching competition rules.

Charles Balmain / 05 Apr 2016

The Consumer Rights Act is the biggest shake up in consumer rights law in a generation

Embrace a design-first culture

James Box / 04 Apr 2016

For years designers have been touting the business benefits of design, so it’s surprising that they’re only just starting to get a seat at the table. This is thanks, in part, to the success of design-led start-ups like AirBnB, the rise in design-focussed VC funds, and the emergence of titles like CXO and CDO. 

Five myths of building and creating a custom app

David Head / 31 Mar 2016

Off-the-shelf or custom made? Here's what you need to know when considering an app for your business

Learn how to be a talent spotter

Richard Summerfield / 23 Mar 2016

Here's how you can pick the best and leave the rest

How to use VPN for remote working 

Working in public places must be addressed in your IT policy document.

Working in public places must be addressed in your IT policy document.

Ian Davies / 18 Mar 2016

4.2 million UK adults regularly worked from home last year alone, highlighting the need for secure and stable IT policies when empowering a remote workforce

Are you prepared for the National Living Wage?

Elaine Pritchard / 16 Mar 2016

The new legislation coming into force in April 2016. Here's how you can prepare

Make your business finance ready

Is your business prepared for investment?

Is your business prepared for investment?

John Atkinson / 15 Mar 2016

The type of lending most suitable for a firm heavily depends upon its catalogue of assets and risk profile – one size does not fit all

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