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Selling your business in a post-Brexit scenario

Kirsty McGregor / 23 Jun 2016

​The long-debated EU referendum vote is taking place today. As we line up at polling stations to cast our votes, Kirsty McGregor, ​founder of The Corporate Finance Network, explores the potential impact a vote to leave may have on the ability of businesses to be bought and sold

Understanding Brexit and cross-border VAT

Derek O’Brien and Dafydd Llewellyn / 21 Jun 2016

Today, a UK business has the opportunity to recover VAT paid on certain expenses in another EU country via a mechanism known as the Refund Directive. This may not be the case in a potential post-Brexit scenario

Brexit and workplace diversity

Stephen Frost / 21 Jun 2016

The whole process of recruitment is a process of discrimination, argues author and diversity and inclusion expert, Stephen Frost. Here he outlines how a potential Brexit could affect diversity in recruitment

Brexit and employment law

Chris Weaver and Orla Bingham / 21 Jun 2016

Chris Weaver and Orla Bingham, employment solicitors at Payne Hicks Beach outline the impact of a post-Brexit scenario on employment law and UK's workforce

Farmers against Brexit?

Anthony Davison / 20 Jun 2016

With the 'In' and 'Out' campaigns in full flow, Anthony Davison, local food champion and founder of BigBarn UK, explains how the outcome of Brexit could affect farmers and food producers

Making money online

20 Jun 2016

 Can online gaming become a form of income?

Vacant shops can revolutionise the high street

Vaughan Rowsell / 17 Jun 2016

There are over 46,000 empty stores on our high streets. Vaughan  ​Rowsell, founder of Vend, outlines how independent retailers can make the most out of these vacant spaces

Commercial property and you

16 Jun 2016

​In this post, we look at the different ways SMEs can invest in commercial properties, from online platforms to traditional auctions

​An office for all seasons

Tobi Crosbie / 16 Jun 2016

​Acquiring a new office can be expensive. Tobi Crosbie, founder of Making Moves, highlights what fashion companies need to look out for when looking for office space

What would a Brexit really mean?

Jeremy Cook / 16 Jun 2016

​Jeremy Cook, chief economist at FinTech forex company World First, postulates of a post-Brexit world

Donald Trump and the art of the reboot

Dr Mario Moussa and Dr Derek Newberry / 14 Jun 2016

Reports had said that with the “Make America Great Again” campaign in evident disarray, Trump’s team of advisors are working on a “reboot.” Is there a bright spot in this story? Co-authors of Committed Teams, Dr Mario Moussa and Dr Derek Newberry think so

Her Majesty the Queen – A global leader

Ben Morton / 13 Jun 2016

​​Are leaders born or made? Team development consultant, leadership mentor and author, Ben Morton attempts to answer this question based on the illustrious career of Queen Elizabeth II 

3D printing and the new industrial revolution

Damian Hennessey / 10 Jun 2016

Damian Hennessey, director, Proto Labs discusses how 3D printing can power many UK businesses forward into the digital revolution

Will a Brexit set women back?

Fiona McAnaw / 10 Jun 2016

Fiona McAnaw, director in the employment department at BTMK Solicitors, outlines potential issues that may derail equality at the workplace, such as stalling proposed changes to the currently uncapped compensation in discrimination claims

Ten years, Manchester, and me

Daniel Keighron-Foster / 03 Jun 2016

Manchester’s digital sector is worth £1.7 billion. Thinking back to 2006, Daniel Keighron-Foster, managing director and founder of Steamhaus, maps out Manchester's rise to the top

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