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Lessons from fashion retail

Fashion retail, like most other sectors, focuses on balancing customer and business expectations

Fashion retail, like most other sectors, focuses on balancing customer and business expectations

Uwe Hennig / 19 Jul 2016

According to Uwe Hennig, CEO of retail analytics software firm Detego, fashion leads the charge in retail. Here's what growth businesses can learn from the latest trends in one of the most resilient and en vogue sectors

Brexit: the challenge of accepting change

Martin Brenig-Jones / 18 Jul 2016

Martin Brenig-Jones, MD of Catalyst Consulting outlines how those who voted to remain in the EU can accept and make the most of the Brexit vote

Is the smartphone workforce a threat to your business?

15 Jul 2016

This opinion piece examines the link between smartphone usage at work and employee productivity, and what can be done to cut out inefficiencies

The iterations of innovation

Christian Miele / 11 Jul 2016

Christian Miele, VP at, outlines how to spot true invention in the start-up era

Managing vehicle fleets for your business

04 Jul 2016

Cut business costs with pallet deliveries 

01 Jul 2016

Keeping costs down has more to do with defining your expenditures than never splurging. Your employees are valuable, make sure you invest where it matters

Propelling banking into the digital age

James Blake / 01 Jul 2016

Big data analytics may be the best bet for UK banks in their aggressive pursuit of appealing to the smartphone generation, writes Hello Soda CEO James Blake

Immigration post-Brexit​: Q&A

Caroline Glacken / 30 Jun 2016

Employment and immigration solicitor Caroline Glacken looks at some of the big immigration questions that we need to face post-Brexit

How to communicate in the age of instant messaging

Monica Visconti-Patel  / 29 Jun 2016

Seven tips to communicate professionally in the age of instant chat, from knowing when to use text to how to use gifs

Staying grounded during volatility

Alison Freer / 28 Jun 2016

According to leadership coach Alison Freer, it is in uncertain times, like our current post-Brexit period, that leaders need to remain grounded. Here's how

How to lead change you don't agree with

Sue Alderson / 27 Jun 2016

Prime Minister David Cameron's resignation following the UK's vote to leave the European Union clearly reveals that his position was untenable. Can people in business lead change they don't support?

Brexit and UK's tech sector

Ajay Sule and Adrian Drodz / 27 Jun 2016

As one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK economy, consultants are closely monitoring the impact leaving the European Union may have on the technology industry

Spain calling

24 Jun 2016

While London house prices slide down post-Brexit, reports from Spain reveals the property sector is on the rise

Brexit: Top five tax implications for businesses

David Brookes / 24 Jun 2016

David Brookes, tax partner at accountancy and business advisory firm BDO LLP, looks at the tax implications that leaving the EU has on UK businesses

Is your business prepared for the cashless economy?

Emma Leigh-Morgan / 23 Jun 2016

The UK is on the fast track to being cash-free, but are our small and medium businesses ready?

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