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Wol Kolade on private equity in the UK

Wol Kolade on private equity in the UK

Wol Kolade / 11 May 2011

Wol Kolade explains why in the post crisis world, private equity can play a vital role.

Lucky in work

Todd Cardy / 06 May 2011

'I was lucky — I found what I loved to do early in life'. These are the words of Apple founder Steve Jobs.

Everyday opinion

Todd Cardy / 05 May 2011

From the streams of tweets and Facebook posts to the ramblings of newspaper and television commentators, it seems there is no end to opinion-makers proffering advice nowadays.

An eye for the tiger

Todd Cardy / 27 Apr 2011

The CBI has called for the UK to gain a reputation as a ‘digital tiger’ in order to become the leading place to invest.

Labour at a crossroads

CIPD economic adviser Dr John Philpott

CIPD economic adviser Dr John Philpott

Dr John Philpott / 20 Apr 2011

Economic adviser Dr John Philpott explains why the UK’s economy and labour market are at the crossroads.

Struggle for survival

Wol Kolade / 20 Apr 2011

GrowthBusiness blogger Wol Kolade explains that in a low-growth economy, it is not going to be good enough for a business to be an also-ran in the race for growth.

Angel delight

Michael Jackson / 13 Apr 2011

Your second wife says you are mad and your friends tell you all their horror stories, but you still want to be an angel investor.

Proud of British 'can do'

Simon Daniel / 06 Apr 2011

The market remains a bit like the weather - gloriously sunny one day then ice cold the next.

Empty gesture

Nick Britton / 31 Mar 2011

Things are still pretty tough out there, so any help or encouragement the government can offer businesses is gratefully received.

US needs to refocus labour market

Yael Selfin / 30 Mar 2011

Yael Selfin, macroeconomist at PwC, discusses the current state of the US economy and the government’s efforts to cut the deficit.

Some give, but mostly take

Nick Britton / 23 Mar 2011

The one thing you can always guarantee with a Budget is that not everyone will get what they want.

Wol Kolade: Leaner machines

Wol Kolade / 16 Mar 2011

ISIS Equity Partners managing partner Wol Kolade joins GrowthBusiness as a blogger. In his first post, he explains why entrepreneurial businesses have the opportunity of a decade to help improve public services.

Why VCTs work

Nick Britton / 10 Mar 2011

Comments from Chancellor George Osborne that there is a 'question mark' over the merits of VCTs have caused alarm among investors and fund managers.

Age old problem

Nick Britton / 03 Mar 2011

There's been a big rise in the number of older people in work over the past ten years, which can't be much help to youngsters seeking to climb onto the career ladder.

Warning signs

Michael Jackson / 16 Feb 2011

People often ask me what are the real “turn-offs” for companies wanting to raise capital from external investors.

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