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Wol Kolade: Leaner machines

ISIS managing partner Wol Kolade

ISIS managing partner Wol Kolade

Wol Kolade / 16 Mar 2011

ISIS Equity Partners managing partner Wol Kolade joins GrowthBusiness as a blogger. In his first post, he explains why entrepreneurial businesses have the opportunity of a decade to help improve public services.

Why VCTs work

Nick Britton / 10 Mar 2011

Comments from Chancellor George Osborne that there is a 'question mark' over the merits of VCTs have caused alarm among investors and fund managers.

Age old problem

Nick Britton / 03 Mar 2011

There's been a big rise in the number of older people in work over the past ten years, which can't be much help to youngsters seeking to climb onto the career ladder.

Warning signs

Michael Jackson / 16 Feb 2011

People often ask me what are the real “turn-offs” for companies wanting to raise capital from external investors.

Sustainable energy?

Simon Daniel / 10 Feb 2011

A bit like spring mating, the rush to match investors with companies and projects looking for funding is hotting up.

Crafting a killer business strategy

Paul Luen / 09 Feb 2011

What does strategy in business actually mean? There’s so much business babble out there on the subject, you’ll probably get 100 different answers from 100 different people.

Rates should be kept low

Andrew Smith of KPMG UK

Andrew Smith of KPMG UK

Andrew Smith / 08 Feb 2011

Andrew Smith, chief economist at KPMG in the UK, explains why the economy needs interest rates to remain low.

Deal or no deal

Nick Britton / 03 Feb 2011

Companies’ balance sheets are improving, but the confidence and appetite to complete mergers and acquisitions shows no increase and is even falling.

Fighting short-termism

Nick Britton / 27 Jan 2011

Short-term thinking is a natural consequence of recession. Simply put, you're focused on getting through the next week, not mulling over your ten-year plan.

Paternal peril

Paul Luen / 19 Jan 2011

The government's planned changes to parental leave will mean nothing short of a nightmare for small businesses.

Box clever

Michael Jackson / 13 Jan 2011

It seems obvious to state that good management is the key to business success, but in boom times this can all too easily be forgotten.

New Year newsmakers

Simon Daniel / 04 Jan 2011

If you didn’t like the news last year, go out and make some of your own this year.

Generation why

Nick Britton / 16 Dec 2010

Apparently, I'm at ease with technology and have an egocentric, cynical attitude in the workplace. Or at least I would if I shared the archetypal characteristics of Generation Y, to which I (just) belong.

Unequalled nonsense

Paul Luen / 09 Dec 2010

The Equality Act is making an unwelcome reappearance with the addition of a further and still more fatuous and irrelevant provision.

Power shift

Simon Daniel / 02 Dec 2010

From the Irish bailout to the EU inquiry into Google, we are seeing an increasing power shift away from sovereign nations.

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