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The importance of teamwork when expanding a business

Jelena Djurdjevic / 29 Jan 2015

How businesses can use the cloud to connect with their customers

James and James Fulfilment / 26 Jan 2015

How can small businesses ensure cloud technology improves relations with their customers? By e commerce cloud specialists James and James Fulfilment 

Why high-growth companies struggle with customer experience

PeopleTECH MD Mike Hughes

PeopleTECH MD Mike Hughes

23 Jan 2015

Mike Hughes, MD of customer management consultancy, PeopleTECH, on how high-growth businesses can avoid delivering a bad customer experience.

Planning your exit strategy: Why tech businesses need to think ahead

21 Jan 2015

Planning an exit strategy is vital for any business; even if you are thinking it will be some time away. Chris Cairns, Partner at Alliotts Accountants, looks at some of the common exit options for businesses in the technology sector.

Is the North-East the new M&A capital for financial services?

Northern uproar: Is the NE a new hotbed of M&A activity?

Northern uproar: Is the NE a new hotbed of M&A activity?

David Heard, partner, Ashfords LLP / 21 Jan 2015

A recent report by Deloittes suggested the North-East could see a large increase in M&A activity in the very recent future: below an expert from law firm Ashfords LLP calls on his experience to delve into the claim further

What’s The Balance Between Man and Machine For SMEs Looking To Borrow?

21 Jan 2015

Are lending decisions based on human intuition or digital algorithms? The best answer can include a combination of the two, say Boost Capital

How to transition your family business before retirement

20 Jan 2015

Handing over a family business to the next generation is often a precarious time. Read on for tips on how to minimise pain during the transitional period.

10 quick tips to ward off Q1 cashflow shortages

By Tracy Ewen of IGF Invoice Finance / 20 Jan 2015

Tracy Ewen, managing director of IGF Invoice Finance, provides 10 New Year’s resolutions to set businesses on the road to success in 2015.

The Virtual Handshake: How to make the best digital first impression

Handy hints: Do you know what your virtual handshake says about you?

Handy hints: Do you know what your virtual handshake says about you?

Keith Holdt, LDC’s Value Enhancement Group / 19 Jan 2015

Do you know what first impression your business gives online? Here are some tips to make sure it's the best it can be

What SMEs need to know about the new retail ombudsman

Boost Capital / 16 Jan 2015

The introduction of the UK's first retail ombudsman may have passed some by. But it's well-worth catching up on, say Boost Capital

Launching in another country: how to approach international expansion 

Branching out: Growth across borders may soon be the norm

Branching out: Growth across borders may soon be the norm

Christoph Rieche, CEO of small business finance provider iwoca, on setting up your business abroad. / 15 Jan 2015

It's predicted that 2015 will be a year when many small businesses grow beyond the UK. So what are the main points these companies should bear in mind when spreading across the globe?

2015: A Big Year for Small Business

Rich Preece, VP and Country Manager, Intuit UK / 15 Jan 2015

With the UK economy back in full swing and a raft of supportive measures introduced in the latest Autumn Statement, the scene is set for small businesses to prosper. So what’s in store over the next 12 months and how will small businesses up and down the country be affected?

A guide to business law for start-ups

Getting started: Legal pitfalls can be avoided with a bit of prior knowledge

Getting started: Legal pitfalls can be avoided with a bit of prior knowledge

Slater Heelis / 14 Jan 2015

There are so many things to consider when launching a business, so it's good to know you at least have the legal side pegged. Law firm Slater Heelis give their tips for success

Managing staff in different timezones

Daniel Foster / 13 Jan 2015

Expanding across borders is becoming more common for growing business, but how do you cope when that means staff working in different timezones? Daniel Foster of gives his views

The strong pound and British business

Enrique Diaz, chief risk officer at Ebury / 07 Jan 2015

Ebury chief risk officer Enrique Diaz writes exclusively for Growth Business on the impact a strong pound can have on UK business

Business offers for growing companies

  • Assess your business with this method from Stanford Business School

    It’s like a bootcamp for your business! Run your idea through the 9 gears and turn it into a high potential venture.

  • Compare Business Phones

    An instant business mobile phone comparison website which compares the entire market, all the networks and all devices on one site. Save money instantly.

  • Flexible, short term business loans

    Apply for up to £50k with for up to 52 weeks. No early repayment fees.

  • Get 50 Business Cards for £4.99 inc VAT

    Choose from over 1,000 templates, or upload your own today! Goodprint, Helping you grow your business.

  • A Refreshing Alternative to a Business Loan

    Payback as you earn. No APR, just one simple cost. Between £2.5k & £300k available. Must accept card payments & been in business 6+ months.

  • Compare business insurance quotes

    Tailor your policy, compare quotes and buy in minutes! Up to 50% No Claims Discount. Compare quotes now or call 0845-0723340 today.

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