Comment & Analysis

When does naming and shaming work?

Samantha White / 27 May 2016

Samantha White, CEO of My Credit Controllers assesses if calling out late payers can actually tackle this pervasive issue

The five biggest teamwork ills

Dr Mario Moussa, Dr Derek Newberry and Madeline Boyer / 19 May 2016

Authors Dr Moussa, Dr Newberry and Boyer share their top tips for combating social loafing at the workplace, but targeting the top five teamwork ills

Scaling-up Britain’s start-ups

Chris Maule / 17 May 2016

Fewer than one per cent of the companies registered in Britain since 2012 have scaled-up. Chris Maule, CEO of UK Bond Network, explain why this gap exists and what can be done about it

Is Osborne right on Brexit and Property?

Naomi Heaton / 10 May 2016

In a bid to sway voters, George Osborne projected that property prices will be significantly dampened by a UK vote to leave the EU. Naomi Heaton, CEO of LCP, examines the validity of the Chancellor's prediction 

Brexit: The pros and cons for SMEs

Richard Pepler / 04 May 2016

It is impossible to know what the real impact of Brexit will be without it taking place, but Richard Pepler, CEO of HH Cashflow Finance who also sits on the advisory board of the Development Bank for Wales, outlines the potential pros and cons for SMEs

Online gambling: a sentence to debt or a way to make money?

01 May 2016

Four accounting mistakes that can set business growth back

Russell Smith / 28 Apr 2016

Chartered accountant, Russell Smith, identifies the top accounting mistakes that can stop business growth in its tracks

Don't overlook your customers on the path to growth

Mike Hughes / 27 Apr 2016

Mike Hughes, managing director of PeopleTECH, explains how high-growth businesses can stay on top of the customer experience  

Expanding into Europe

27 Apr 2016

Lucinda Davies, General Manager at Sofas by Saxon explains how the 30-year-old British company has grown to export to over 50 countries worldwide each year

Three tips for raising funds the smart way

Monika Juneja / 25 Apr 2016

Monika Juneja, director at One Hit Consulting shares her top tips for raising investment, having seen countless number of businesses go down this route

Brexit-proof your business

21 Apr 2016

Research from the Federation of Small Businesses revealed that 42 per cent of SMEs were yet to make up their minds on whether to stay in the EU or leave. In the event that the vote swings towards Brexit, here are five ways you can prepare

Tackling the symptom, not the cause: the London house price debate

Leigh Stewart  / 21 Apr 2016

Leigh Stewart, an expert contributor for online property broker,, explains why property prices in London will only continue to increase

Are business banking customers missing out on a competition review?

Alex Hunn / 19 Apr 2016

Transparency clearly isn’t in a bank’s economic interests, writes Alex Hunn, founder and chief executive of freemarketfx

How document storage services can help you get organised

19 Apr 2016

Document storage might be your best ally when spring cleaning

Not everyone can be an entrepreneur

Bivek Sharma / 08 Apr 2016

It takes three formidable personality traits to be a successful business owner

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