Comment & Analysis

CSR vs purpose: an evolution or different concept altogether? 

Victoria Hurth / 20 Sep 2016

Academic expert, Victoria Hurth, examines the difference between purpose and CSR, and the value of both in business

Brexit may mean Brexit, but will it deliver on immigration promises?

Claire D. Nilson and Alexander Glibbery / 19 Sep 2016

Legal experts from Faegre Baker Daniels explain what has been done so far to address the UK's concerns over post-Brexit immigration laws 

Five warning signs you should never ignore

John Buchanan / 19 Sep 2016

John Buchanan of the chartered accountants HW Fisher & Company outlines the telltale signs your business might be in trouble

The biggest business lesson from Team GB at the Olympics

Steve Cox / 16 Sep 2016

Here's the main take-away lesson from the Olympics for entrepreneurs

Where will the Uberification of banking leave advisers?

Praseeda Nair / 13 Sep 2016

With bank branches closing all over the UK, an Uber for banking could be the future. Are bank tellers and advisers going the way of the switchboard operators and town criers of yesteryear? 

Avoiding immigration issues as you grow

Serena Spink / 12 Sep 2016

In July, immigration officials have arrested dozens of workers at burger chain Byron, including people from Albania, Brazil, Nepal and Egypt. Here's what SMEs can learn from this infamous case on managing immigration issues when scaling up

Six steps to scaling up

Ben Cohen / 08 Sep 2016

How confident are you that your business can secure 20 per cent growth year-on-year? UK Bond Network's Ben Cohen outlines six steps to get there

Why addressing the gender pay gap should be a national priority

Chris Rowley / 07 Sep 2016

Chris Rowley, professor of human resource management at Cass Business School explains why the gender pay gap can threaten Britain's competitiveness

Amazon: Priming us to never leave the house

Ran Berger / 05 Sep 2016

With the launch of Amazon's foray into the Internet of Things through its WiFi enabled on-demand automatic delivery service, Ran Berger, CEO of Flat Rock Technology explores the scope for new technology in other areas of our daily lives

Six ways to spot money laundering in your business

Praseeda Nair / 02 Sep 2016

EU legislation continues to target money laundering and terrorism financing. Corporate crime expert Aziz Rahman explains why these tough new laws should act as a “wake-up call” for finance professionals. Here's an action plan to help you spot signs of money laundering

Why innovations fail most of the time

Kristófer Páll Lentz / 01 Sep 2016

An overview of why we fail and why that matters

This rule change offers the biggest opportunity for growth businesses

Praseeda Nair / 30 Aug 2016

Recent VCT rule changes present high-growth businesses with enhanced prospects of securing growth finance investment. Bill Nixon, managing partner at Maven Capital Partners, explains the new rules and outlines what early-stage businesses need to do to make the most of this opportunity

Has Brexit crushed your hiring plans? SMEs need a new talent strategy

Rorie Devine / 30 Aug 2016

At the first sign of uncertainty, it can be tempting to declare a hiring freeze.'s Rorie Devine explains how SMEs can roll with the punches post Brexit

The bank referral scheme will sow the seeds of a business funding revolution

Alex Littner / 30 Aug 2016

According to figures from the British Business Bank, approximately 100,000 small and medium business finance applications are declined by banks each year, which is one of biggest drivers for the introduction of a bank referral scheme. Boost Capital's Alex Littner outlines what SMEs can expect with the scheme coming into effect

What's in a bribe? Five signs you may be breaking the law

FIFA president, Sepp Blatter was ambushed by a British comedian at a press conference for his notorious bribery scandal.

FIFA president, Sepp Blatter was ambushed by a British comedian at a press conference for his notorious bribery scandal.

Praseeda Nair / 23 Aug 2016

Most people are unaware that the 'gift' they are receiving can be seen as a bribe by a court of law. Here's how to keep your business on the right side of the legal system

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