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How to be Brave in Business and Win

Be Brave in Business and Win

The Phoenix Partners's Rachel Hargrave puts aside her cynicism and discovers a challenging read.

Alternative finance popularity rising

Poor relation no longer: asset-based lending

Asset-based lending has been historically viewed as the poor relation to bank overdrafts and loans. But Bobby Lane, a partner at accountancy firm Shelley Stock Hutter, writes that the tide may be changing.

A real M&A headache

Those thinking about a merger might want to make the most of the current regulatory environment after news of proposed changes to the Takeover Code. 

Winner: Majestic Wines CEO Steve Lewis

Winning streak: Growth Company Awards

The Growth Company Awards, hosted by Vitesse Media, brought together for the 11th time the advisers and companies making a difference to the development of British business.

£230 million is sitting in cash shells

Cash shells on London's markets

Nearly £230 million is now sitting in cash shells waiting to find a home. GrowthBusiness investigates how to secure some of these elusive funds and speaks to those who have.

Companies are using trend analysis

Forecasting industry trends

Increasingly, creative businesses are turning to trend forecasting to find out about industry developments.

Pensions schemes are set to change

Preparing for changes to pensions

Companies need to get ready for the new pensions rules. GrowthBusiness outlines the changes due to come in next year.

Interpreting reality

It’s an age-old question, what is the key to entrepreneurial success? And, while I hate to admit I don’t have a single answer, I think I have found someone who does.

Remote working can be beneficial

Office space to cyberspace

Businesses and their employees have much to gain from operating flexible working options. GrowthBusiness reports on the companies which have moved from office space to cyberspace.

Asia and Europe leading in automotive M&A

Disclosed deal value in the global automotive M&A market fell by US$10 billion to $29.4 billion in 2010, as the level of disclosed figures in 2009 helped improve statistics.

Spring changes on AIM

New World Oil & Gas is expected to join AIM soon, with the investment business aiming to raise £3 million to support investments in the oil and gas sector.

Silicon Roundabout, Old St, London

Old and New: Silicon Roundabout

GrowthBusiness asks Silicon Roundabout businesses whether the recent government exposure is welcome and how the increased notoriety will affect its staunch culture.

Private equity fitness looks to specialisation

The private equity market has long been a difficult sector to quantify, with its opaqueness and lack of access to data meaning that performance is hard to evaluate.

Plan to use Entrepreneurs Relief

Entrepreneurs' relief in 2011 for all shapes and sizes

In the second of a two part series, Lesley Stalker, tax partner at accountancy firm RJP, explains how entrepreneurs' relief in 2011 can offer significant tax savings.

Peter Snowdon, partner, Norton Rise

Economic Insight: More bank capital, less lending

Peter Snowdon, partner in the financial services team at Norton Rose, discusses the implications of the Independent Commission on Banking’s interim report.

Know how to deal with many currencies

SMEs and ‘exotic’ currencies

With more businesses pursuing sales in far-flung international markets, exposure to more local or ‘exotic’ currencies needs to be managed.

IKinema founder Alex Pechev

Technological risk and reward

Innovation and risk-taking are the driving forces behind the UK's high-growth technology companies. Three business leaders reveal how they are pushing the boundaries in this fast-changing sector.

It can take time but R&D tax credits will help

Persevere to gain R&D tax credits

For most tech businesses, research and development (R&D) is the driving force behind growth. We explain why it’s worth it for innovative businesses to claim tax credits.

Digital advertising is the future

The next big thing: Behavioural advertising

Straight out of science fiction movies, behavioural advertising is being touted as the next big thing in marketing.

Lesley Stalker tax partner at RJP

Maximising Entrepreneurs' Relief

In a two part series, Lesley Stalker, tax partner at accountancy firm RJP, explains how entrepreneurs’ relief can offer significant tax savings when exiting a business either completely or partially. 

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The Entrepreneur

Esteemed alumni: Last year's winner was online property service Zoopla

Trailblazing entrepreneurs: Europe's Allstar Company of the Year

As the five companies making up the shortlist for Europe's Allstar Company, GrowthBusiness profiles Achica, BlaBlaCar, Farfetch, NewVoiceMedia and Zound Industries to find out what goes into creating and growing a leading technology company.

Growing A Business

M&A future: Imprima's Tom Horsman says that new tools are emerging

The 21st century virtual data room: A how-to guide

In an era of fast deals and big money, Tom Horsman, head of technology at Imprima, explains how a virtual data room aids the process.

Comment & Analysis

A referendum which could have a profound impact on business

Whatever the result of the Scottish independence referendum, the outcome will likely have a significant effect on the business landscape of the UK or divided nations.


What moves small-cap share prices?

Research report into the top-performing 100 companies below the FTSE 350 and on AIM.