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private equity houses have not refinanced their debt

Private equity to maintain push

Research from accountancy firm Grant Thornton shows that the majority of private equity firms do not expect the number of new buyouts to decline in the next year.

Collaborative office space for entrepreneurs

Co-working collaboration

Collaborative working spaces are cropping up in cities all over the world, providing workspace to entrepreneurs and early-stage businesses. They’re not simply an alternative office for the remote worker or freelancer usually working from their home.

Should I change my bank relationship?

Bank loyalty in question

Deciding to switch banks may feel empowering, but Bobby Lane, a partner at accountancy firm Shelley Stock Hutter, says there may be unintended consequences including an affect on your ability to raise finance.

Social networking can  help retain staff

Social networking retainment

Internet technologies have helped SME’s generate operational efficiencies once enjoyed only by large organisations. But social networking can also bring similar benefits to staff engagement and retention.

A new lesson in IP

Google’s multibillion-dollar buy of Motorola Mobility should teach all businesses a valuable lesson – know the value of your intellectual property.

There are other options to a bank loan

SME finance: There must be another way...

Project Merlin has proved to be less than magical for SME finance. So what other options are available to businesses?

An Italian problem

Joe McGrath, editor of GrowthBusiness sister title What Investment, looks at the months ahead in investment and what's in store for Italy.

Cloud  computing can help innovation

Blue sky thinking: Adopting the cloud

Increasingly companies are looking to cloud computing to satisfy complex technological requirements. Five business owners tell GrowthBusiness the thinking.

Paul Webb, a tax partner at RJP

R&D tax credits for innovation

Looking at developing an iPad app or in-house CRM software? Then R&D tax credits may well become a valuable funding source for innovative start-ups and high-growth businesses.

Add value before an exit for a return

Build value before selling your business

There is no point waiting for an exit opportunity to merely arise. We report on why boosting your business’s profile prior to an exit will help reap the rewards.

QR codes can add a personal touch

The benefits of QR codes

A little barcode on your promotional material or even business card can work wonders for marketing.

VCT investment can help businesses

Back in favour: VCTs in 2011

VCTs have more than £800 million at their disposal. GrowthBusiness reports on how businesses can make the most of this opportunity and what VCT managers are looking for in an investment.

Apps connect customers with businesses

Smart apps for your customers

Along with the explosion of smartphones, there's a similar storm about business apps. As GrowthBusiness's sister magazine Business XL launches its own app, we report on how other businesses are benefiting.

Businesses falling into payment pitfalls

Avoid international payment pitfalls

British importers and exporters make hundreds of thousands of international payments everyday, but about one third of businesses encounter payment delay or failure because of avoidable mistakes.

Matthew Stafford of Pembridge Partners

Perfect the art of the pitch

Matthew Stafford, project leader specialising in technology start-ups and equity investment at Pembridge Partnership, says most pitches for funding or investment are poor, but there are ways for businesses to improve.

Technology can help retain customers

Rethink role of business technology

Businesses should banish perceptions of technology as a bolt-on to existing processes and instead appreciate that it can actually distinguish a company.

Finance prospectus exemptions increased

More SMEs to escape need for costly prospectuses

Raising equity finance is hard enough without taking compliance costs into account. However, in a move that could save UK business £12 million a year, the government has brought forward prospectus rule reforms.

Dig for victory

Coming to the AIM market recently is a Zambian producer of soya, eggs, bacon, beef and other products, as part of a rise in agricultural conerns.

Bad debts can strangle a business

Reducing the risk of bad debt

A good credit control system can be considered the lifeblood of a business. Terry Irwin of TCii Strategic and Management Consultants explains ways to reduce the risk presented to your business by bad debt.

Cross-border VC investing at the crossroads

The European Commission is hoping to encourage more cross-border venture capital investing, but proposed reforms may actually impact access to capital for businesses.

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