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Brexit and employment

Business News

The outcome of the EU Referendum may have been a surprise to the business community. But what are the implications of Brexit on employment law and UK jobs?

Brexit and foreign investment

Business News

​The UK's imminent departure from the EU has raised a number of questions. We look at how this may affect investment into the UK and the potential for our start-ups to receive foreign investment post-Brexit

Brexit. Now what?

Business News

Here's what leaving the European Union really means for SMEs across sectors

Twitter acquires London-based machine learning tech for $150m

Mergers & Acquisitions

Magic Pony Technology developed a unique machine learning technique for visual processing - technology that offers a lot of potential for the social media giant

Brexit and workplace diversity

Comment & Analysis

The whole process of recruitment is a process of discrimination, argues author and diversity and inclusion expert, Stephen Frost. Here he outlines how a potential Brexit could affect diversity in recruitment

Farmers against Brexit?

Comment & Analysis

With the 'In' and 'Out' campaigns in full flow, Anthony Davison, local food champion and founder of BigBarn UK, explains how the outcome of Brexit could affect farmers and food producers

Growing a Business

Five signs you’re ready for business funding

Business Finance

Financial adviser, Elsa Caleb highlights the signs to look out for when assessing your need for additional funding

Employees need to have access to tools that do not require great technical knowledge

Alleviating the IT skills shortage

Technology for Business

Filemaker's David Head explains how democratising IT can help alleviate the looming skills shortage

Comment and Analysis

How to lead change you don't agree with

Prime Minister David Cameron's resignation following the UK's vote to leave the European Union clearly reveals that his position was untenable. Can people in business lead change they don't support?

Brexit and UK's tech sector

As one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK economy, consultants are closely monitoring the impact leaving the European Union may have on the technology industry

Spain calling

While London house prices slide down post-Brexit, reports from Spain reveals the property sector is on the rise

Brexit: Top five tax implications for businesses

David Brookes, tax partner at accountancy and business advisory firm BDO LLP, looks at the tax implications that leaving the EU has on UK businesses

The Entrepreneur

Beach rugby goes corporate: City Sports Management

In 2013, Myles Waud did the impossible by bringing the beach to London. Three years on, Waud shares his business growth story at the helm of City Sports Management, and how London Beach Rugby has taken the capital's corporates by storm

Changing the way people travel: Evaneos Travel

Eric La Bonnardière and Yvan Wibaux co-founded Evaneos Travel over five years ago, and since then, the Parisian business has grown as a niche trusted third party platform connecting travellers and local travel agents before, during, and after each trip. La Bonnardière speaks to GrowthBusiness on how the start-up took off and what the future holds for Evaneos Travel following their recent app launch

"All about empowerment": Prezi

From a university start-up to household name, cloud-based visual presentation tool Prezi now challenges PowerPoint's decades-old monopoly. ​Principal artist and co-founder Ádám Somlai-Fischer shares the Budapest-based firm's growth journey

Ignore the 'nay-sayers': MQA 

After founding Meridian Audio in 1977 and exiting his business in 2015, Stuart now runs MQA in line with his passion for the ultimate audio experience. Here's a snapshot of his business journey


Directors' Pay on AIM 2016

The annual Directors’ Pay on AIM report is the most comprehensive review of directors’ remuneration on AIM available. It’s ideal for benchmarking your team’s salary, that of your organisation and even your own salary.

Cash Shells Directory 2015

The annual Cash Shells Directory is an invaluable guide for companies and advisers considering joining the stock market by reversing into a shell, providing a list of potential candidates and a commentary on each of them

Directors' Pay on AIM 2015

The most complete review of directors' remuneration on AIM, including basic salary, bonus and benefits.

Report exposes lack of ROI insight from customer service

'28% of organisations do not measure the cost of customer service'

The gap in businesses’ measurement of customer experience means they don’t know what customers really want, research finds