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Rise in high-growth UK businesses stalls

Fundraising Deals

Barclays and BGF Entrepreneurs Index reveals increase in number of start-ups: but fewer businesses achieving high-growth status

Bulldog Hotel Group raises £4.5m through British Growth Fund

Fundraising Deals

Money to be invested in expansion throughout England

Business owners back EU referendum, survey suggests

Business News

Business for Britain claims two-thirds of business owners favour a vote on the UK’s membership of the European Union

One-third of entrepreneurs report increased access to capital

Business News

Global survey conducted by the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation also indicates high level of hiring among entrepreneur community

A March 2015 Budget wish-list for businesses

Business Regulations Financial planning: Chancellor George Osborne is preparing for next week's Budget

The final budget before May’s General Election will take place next Wednesday, with chancellor George Osborne set to unveil the Government’s plans for Britain’s economy over the next year. Here’s a rundown of what businesses can expect and also would like to see

Disintermediation in the smaller companies equity sector

Comment & Analysis

How will crowdfunding affect the equity sector in the coming years? This extensive piece from Allenby Capital looks at what the future could hold.

Growing a Business

Rough diamond: Is the approach to potential flawed?

Diamonds in the rough: Identifying and growing your rising stars

Leadership & Mentors

Is the concept of talent overrated? Here Lumesse HR director Steve Hewitt outlines a radical new approach to identifying the stars of the future

Wireless wonder: The technology can aid business agility

Using wireless to drive your business further

Technology for Business

Smaller business thrive on their agility, so why do so many still not embrace the kind of wirseless technology that can provide it? Peter Hannah, regional director UK, Ireland & Nordics, NETGEAR explores

Comment and Analysis

Public holidays: Treating part-time employees fairly

Public holidays can be very tricky when trying to work out part-time and casual staff's wages fairly: so here is a quick guide to do some of the work for you

What does the failure of the Funding for Lending scheme mean for small businesses?

The Funding for Lending scheme is running out of steam, so where will mid-market businesses turn now for finance?

The future of the plumbing entrepreneur

Steve Emmerson, MD of heating franchise business, Homeserve Alliance looks at the changing face of entrepreneurs and the traditional business owners that are determined to stay ahead of the competition.

The Entrepreneur

Talent Party CEO Ben Hutt

The Year of the Plane part 2: Three promises

In his second of a series of blog posts, Ben Hutt, CEO of digital recruitment marketplace Talent Party, shares his thoughts on the three commitments that business owners should make to achieve balance

The British Invasion: How to break into the US market

Martin Campbell, MD at SaaS company Ormsby Street, shares first-hand SXSW advice from US firms on how UK businesses can gain a foothold in the US

Five business giants who failed first time around

It's very rare that entrepreneurs hit the nail on the head first time; so here we look at five of the biggest names in business history and their less than auspicious beginnings

Peter Jones: ‘Fantastic products are worthless if the customer isn’t able to get their hands on them quickly’

Dragons Den star talks to Growth Business about the launch of his latest e-commerce venture Brandpath


Report exposes lack of ROI insight from customer service

'28% of organisations do not measure the cost of customer service'

The gap in businesses’ measurement of customer experience means they don’t know what customers really want, research finds

What moves small-cap share prices?

Research report into the top-performing 100 companies below the FTSE 350 and on AIM.

Cash Shells Directory 2014

The annual Cash Shells Directory is an invaluable guide for companies and advisers considering joining the stock market by reversing into a shell, providing a list of potential candidates and a commentary on each of them.

M&A on AIM 2014

Mergers and acquisition activity by AIM companies hit a four-year high in 2013, bucking the general UK trend. So far, 2014 has shown a similar buoyancy.