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Digitalise or die: SME survey reveals roadblocks to going digital

Business News

A cross-market survey of 2,500 SMEs highlights the gap between those who believe in changing with the times and those who actually can keep up

Chief Future-proofing Officer: the evolving role of the CFO

Business News

Only one in three business leaders believe their chief financial officers are up to the task of evolving with the times

Brexit and employment

Business News

The outcome of the EU Referendum may have been a surprise to the business community. But what are the implications of Brexit on employment law and UK jobs?

Brexit and foreign investment

Business News

​The UK's imminent departure from the EU has raised a number of questions. We look at how this may affect investment into the UK and the potential for our start-ups to receive foreign investment post-Brexit

SME lending at risk as bank branches close

Business News Lloyds has shut down 23 branches across the UK as part of three-year plan.

New research reveals that bank branch closures effectively kill off SME lending, which has prompted MPs to debate this in Parliament today

​Adarsh Radia casts a wider net

Business Leaders

​Serial entrepreneur Adarsh Radia speaks to GrowthBusiness about his latest venture, WiderPool which helps tech entrepreneurs bridge the scale-up gap

Growing a Business

How to run the perfect M&A deal

Merger & Acquisition

Recent research by ansarada suggests that the average dealmaker aims to close eight M&A deals a year, but only close four. It also found that on average 12 days are wasted in a typical deal. Clive Cooper outlines how to overcome roadblocks to a seamless deal

Will Generation Z be the death of email?

Human Resources

A generation known for communicating through emojis, memes and gifs across multiple channels may be the biggest threat to email as we know it

Comment and Analysis

Propelling banking into the digital age

Big data analytics may be the best bet for UK banks in their aggressive pursuit of appealing to the smartphone generation, writes Hello Soda CEO James Blake

How to communicate in the age of instant messaging

Seven tips to communicate professionally in the age of instant chat, from knowing when to use text to how to use gifs

Staying grounded during volatility

According to leadership coach Alison Freer, it is in uncertain times, like our current post-Brexit period, that leaders need to remain grounded. Here's how

How to lead change you don't agree with

Prime Minister David Cameron's resignation following the UK's vote to leave the European Union clearly reveals that his position was untenable. Can people in business lead change they don't support?

The Entrepreneur

​Adarsh Radia casts a wider net

​Serial entrepreneur Adarsh Radia speaks to GrowthBusiness about his latest venture, WiderPool which helps tech entrepreneurs bridge the scale-up gap

An entrepreneurial powerhouse: Energy-Scanner

Armed with an idea born out of his decades of experience as the managing director at one of the biggest energy companies in Europe, Neil O'Hara launched Energy-Scanner, an online platform that helps SMEs scan for energy prices and get a better deal

Beach rugby goes corporate: City Sports Management

In 2013, Myles Waud did the impossible by bringing the beach to London. Three years on, Waud shares his business growth story at the helm of City Sports Management, and how London Beach Rugby has taken the capital's corporates by storm

Changing the way people travel: Evaneos Travel

Eric La Bonnardière and Yvan Wibaux co-founded Evaneos Travel over five years ago, and since then, the Parisian business has grown as a niche trusted third party platform connecting travellers and local travel agents before, during, and after each trip. La Bonnardière speaks to GrowthBusiness on how the start-up took off and what the future holds for Evaneos Travel following their recent app launch


Directors' Pay on AIM 2016

The annual Directors’ Pay on AIM report is the most comprehensive review of directors’ remuneration on AIM available. It’s ideal for benchmarking your team’s salary, that of your organisation and even your own salary.

Cash Shells Directory 2015

The annual Cash Shells Directory is an invaluable guide for companies and advisers considering joining the stock market by reversing into a shell, providing a list of potential candidates and a commentary on each of them

Directors' Pay on AIM 2015

The most complete review of directors' remuneration on AIM, including basic salary, bonus and benefits.

Report exposes lack of ROI insight from customer service

'28% of organisations do not measure the cost of customer service'

The gap in businesses’ measurement of customer experience means they don’t know what customers really want, research finds